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Best Kingdom Hearts-like game for the Xbox 360.

Asked by Truefire (155points) March 11th, 2010

Hi Flutherites,
I’m a long-time KH fan, even though I’ve never owned a PS2.
I like the battle style, storyline, etc etc. I just ordered an Xbox 360 Elite to play some Battlefield against my co-workers, and I’m wondering what other games I should invest in. I’ve heard Ninja Gaiden is pretty good, but the controls are annoying. Any ideas?

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Halo 3 and MW2. Best games ever.

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aaand.. have nothing to do with Kingdom-hearts like games. Also, they are not the best games either. Good games, yes, but not best.

Aaanyway, I’d suggest maybe something like Mass Effect, which may be more your style. Unfortunately, I also do not own a XBox. PC gamer here.

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If you’re going the ninja gaiden path I suggest you go with bayonetta. Not the same thing but I guess closer than most.

If you want heavier on the rpg elements maybe try dragon age origins.

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oh. sorry. ive never heard of that game, but i still think halo and mw2 are the best games.

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Fable 1 and 2

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@Haroot I have played Bayonetta, and while it is definitely the closest I’ve seen, it’s also the most ridiculous game I’ve seen. Devil May Cry 4 is better, but still…

@BhacSsylan Mass Effect… I’ve heard of that.. no swords though, eh?

@helloeveryone That’s what the average gamers think, haha. Though I do like Halo quite a bit.

@JONESGH Fable. Looks cool. Is it strictly RPG though? KH is more move + spells, not just queue up moves.

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@Truefire If by ridiculous you mean ridiculously awesome I agree.

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@Haroot haha. GA for sarcasm win. It is fun, I’ll say that much.

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@Truefire Okay, wasn’t sure quite how kingdom-hearts like you meant. Mass Effect is similar, in that the fighting style is a mix of RPG and third person fighting elements, but no, no swords.

@helloeveryone Well, on retrospect, the ‘best’ games are really a matter of personal taste, so I’ll retract my statement that they are the not the best. I enjoy RPG and RTS over FPS, and so I do not consider them the best, but that’s my taste.

However, the OP said they were a KH fan, and so one might assume they would enjoy RPG or platforming games (since KH is a bit of a mix) over FPS.

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@BhacSsylan : I’ll take a further look at Mass Effect. Thanks!

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