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Does anybody else get a sense of foreboding/ unease when the season changes?

Asked by fathippo (746points) March 12th, 2010

It seems that whenever the season starts to lead into the next one, I either get very anxious, or everything feels very ominous in the air amongst other things. Where it had just started to feel like Spring maybe a fortnight ago, I suddenly felt like complete crap, how I’d forgotten you can feel, and I went from sleeping about 5 hours, to 11, and fighting to stay awake for most of the day. Like the light was making me so tired maybe.

Does anyone else get this?
And do you know what causes it, psychologically?

I was thinking it might make sense (in my case), that associations with things in the past at particular times of year might mean the first signs of that season might remind you of feelings/ experiences, and therefore you experience them again, but I don’t know.

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Maybe you have seasonal depression? In a way I know how you feel, for me its silly things like wtf am I going to wear now? I get disorientated.

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If I had to guess, I’d say it’s psychological as you said, associations with things in the past. I don’t generally feel uneasy when the seasons change. However, as much as I love Fall, I get a bit sad because I’ve had some significant things happen during that time of year that make me feel a bit melancholy.

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Making plans for the Spring/Summer changes everything. Make a plan. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Two of my plans include finding a new dog walking path, and going to the botanical garden every Wednesday morning before noon when it’s free.

That means I’m forced to be out in the public view. That means I must attend to my appearance and health, eating, exercise… Force yourself to be in the public arena. Don’t hide away all Spring/Summer. Spend tomorrow Spring cleaning… I did mine last weekend and felt fantastic after 8 long hours. I had been avoiding it like the plague because it just felt like there wasn’t any time. But I made time and it set the entire season in motion.

Just get up and start doing something. Don’t stay up all night worrying that another year is about to pass by with nothing ever changing.

Volunteer at the humane society for walking dogs. You should join me and feel the love. They need you… and you might need them… I did.

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I used to feel the same way! Although it isn’t happening in this months transition.

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I do not have this except when it comes to a certain part of October that is an anniversary of a trauma from my early life. When it gets dark early and the leaves skirl around in the wind, I feel a sense of unease. It usually takes me a day or two to recognize what is going on with regard to my mood and my unease.

I think there is a very real chance you are having associations with something traumatic. It could be before your conscious memory or (and this is a toughie) it could be unease passed down generationally from an earlier generation’s trauma.

You can be your own detective. First, try to think about when it happens. Is it every seasonal change or only from winter to spring? Then do you remember any traumatic events that occurred during the time of year that your anxiety occurs? If not, can you ask your parents about traumatic events that might have occurred around the same time of year?

Good luck working on it. Meanwhile, you can acknowledge how you are feeling consciously and separate the feeling from the now. Say to yourself, this way that I am feeling is not about anything that is happening in my life now. Right now, I am OK. See if that helps lessen the feelings.

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At the risk of treating this like a poll question, No, that doesn’t happen to me.

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I get a sense of foreboding every morning when NPR starts up on my clock radio.

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No, it’s just you.

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@thriftymaid Haha, ok. Just me being a freak… =)

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@fathippo Just playing with ya.

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i always get a head cold….and feel tired

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