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Do you believe in soul mates? If so, how did you find yours or how are you looking for yours?

Asked by ArtiqueFox (974points) March 12th, 2010

My curious topic of the day. Do you think lifelong soul mates exist? If so, how do people find them? How did/will you find yours?

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I do believe soul mates exist but I don’t think you only get to have one – my best friend with who I am not romantically involved is a soul mate of mine as is my husband and other people have been. My husband has this written on his fb wall and it speaks to me
“Teacup, shattered and scattered. pieces of darkness. all bits misinterpreted.. into stars and planets.. and then into people and souls. but they’re just bits of my teacup. shattered and scattered. And swept into the dust bin.”
and I found him on a site like this one that is no more.

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i believe in timing…

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No. I don’t believe in soul mates. I think that there are many fish in the sea… So to speak

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I met the woman whom I consider my soul mate and she feels the same about me.
She had had two previous marriages and I had been divorced three times.

At that stage in our lives, with the experiences we had acquired through bitter experience we were ready to love and appreciate each other in a way unlike any of our previous relationships.

We each work very hard on an ongoing daily basis to keep the relationship strong and growing.

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I do :)
Those two people who had to have been separated at brith with as much as they are alike, the two who always get along, even when they’re arguing. Those people who just blow others away with the mental connection they share :D It’s amazing to have soulmates! I have a few in the way that @Simone_De_Beauvoir explained, I love it.

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I believe.

When I was 20 I was attending college in California. I had graduated from high school in Illinois, and for my graduation present I received a one way ticket to the west coast. My two years in college were spent moving from house to house, and days spent on the beach. When my father told me he wouldn’t pay for my schooling any longer, I decided to move back Illinois. I called one of my good friends to let him know I was moving back. His roommate Jon answered the phone. We had a nice little talk before I talked to my friend.

I went to visit my friend the morning after I moved back to Illinois. His roommate Jon was playing a video game when I walked in. Jon immediately looked up at me and smiled.

We haven’t been separated since. That was 19 years ago this coming June.

It was meant to be.

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Yes I do.
I’ve found my soul mate.
I think some people think if you find your soul mate you don’t have to work at making each other happy, that it is just suppose to work itself all out. My husband and I have a special understanding of each others feelings. Its not even spoken of most of the time but life has a way of distracting people and you have to work at it to make sure you don’t let lifes little distractions become your life.
You find them by not settling for Mr. and Mrs. at the moment. And you look for someone whom you really feel a silent connection. Not so much a lustful one.

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I don’t believe in a soul, and I certainly don’t believe that there is such a thing as one and only one ‘mate’ for anyone.

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Yes, of course we are souls. But the thing about soulmates that most people don’t quite get is that we are all soulmates.

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There are many fishies in the sea…but just one Angel Fish!


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Yes and no.
Mine is an awkward point-of-view, straddling Determinism and Indeterminism and hoping not to pull a tendon. Technically, it’s neither; however, I have not worked it to the point that it’s easily conveyed in writing, so I make do.

It is my intention to marry. Barring the unforseen, this means that I’ll be married at some point in the future and to a specific woman, whom I may or may not already know.
Since time is more or less weird, this means that in many respects I’m already married. Pretty crazy stuff.

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Yes, one’s beshert.

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I don’t agree with the notion that there is only one soulmate per person, or that only romantic bonds qualify, or that they are necessarily in your life forever. so I have found a lot of them. The way I see the universe, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

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I don’t know if I believe in soul mates although, I think it’s a very nice idea. I have found what I imagine my soul mate to be and I certainly hope it’s a lifelong thing. I didn’t exactly find mine because I wasn’t looking at the time. It was just a series of coincidences fate? that brought us together. I also agree with @Simone_De_Beauvoir that, if soul mates exist, I certainly don’t believe that we are all only destined to have one.

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I never did. The concept always seemed too linked to ideas of spirituality & there being more to life than what we experience around us. Now, however I’ve had to amend my thinking, I still disbelieve the idea of there being more to existence, however do believe someone can be such a perfect match for you that once you’ve met, you need to be with them from then on.

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