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Have you ever keyed a car OR had one keyed by someone else?

Asked by jbfletcherfan (13207points) March 13th, 2010

I’m watching “Busted & Disgusted” on the reality channel & they just showed a lawyer keying an opposing lawyer’s car. This is such a childish & destructive practice. Have you ever been involved in such a thing?

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I’ve keyed a car. It was a ghetto ass “upcycled” police cruiser with a paint job (probably 2–3 grand).

The asshole decided that he was so cool he was going to park on my drivers side, SO CLOSE, that there were literally 2 inches between my car and his. I had to get into my car through the passenger side.

So when I did, I opened my window, held a key to the door, and dragged it all the way back as I backed out.

That’s the only time.

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Yes, I keyed a friends ex girlfriends car with another friend after she cheated on him with one of his close friends, We ruined her whole back bumper and finished it off by writing whore mobile on the trunk of her car, All done with a screw driver. It was childish I suppose but I was only 21 at the time, and it seemed right then.

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No, I was born without the vandalism gene, and don’t understand that behavior from someone over 2 years old.

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No, I have not nor would I. No matter what the provocation.

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No.I think it’s weak.

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I did once with the owner standing right there. It was an older black lady who was dressed like she was going to church. She had pulled in in such a way that I couldn’t use the pump handle and I asked her to pull up . Her car was running and I think she had gotten out to pay.
Anyway, she looked at me and then my car. She actually said “I don’t see any scratches on my car.” Like because my Dodge aspen had seen better days that she wasn’t going to give me the time of day.
I didn’t miss a beat. I said “I do”. She was genuinely puzzled and said “Where?” I said; “Right here, bitch!” and I proceeded to key her car all the way down one side. Then I valiantly left the scene.
I’ve never done anything like that in my life, before or since.
I have to say, it was quite satisfying, and I take the memory out now occasionally and enjoy it again. Thank you for brightening my day!

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” older black lady…

For some reason, it was important to add that fact.

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I’ve thought about it, but would never do it. A huge SUV parked to the left of my car in a parking lot, 8 inches away from the driver side door. There was no way that I was going to be able to open the door and get in. I was in work clothes – skirt, heels – and I drive a 5 speed. I had to climb into the car from the passenger side and crawl across the gear shift into the drivers seat. (I couldn’t release the handbrake and let the car roll out of the spot, because it would have rolled into a fairly busy street.)

(I did write a note and leave it under their windshield, questioning both their driving ability and the size of the penis of the person that would purchase such a ridiculously large vehicle.)

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Nope. The other day, a neighbor swung his door right into the side of my car, and left a nice big dent and scratch. I was furious! I wanted nothing more than to key his car, or slam my door right back into his. But, I walked away for a minute and kept my cool.

Later on, I washed my car and buffed out the scratch, and it looks about 50% better. I’m pretty glad that I didn’t retaliate. It could have ended up in a petty vandalism war, because he probably would have known it was me. It still pisses me off that he has no respect for other peoples things, but I got to walk away the better person.

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I have never keyed a car nor has my car ever been keyed. I have to say, I have been sorely tempted to key the occasional car for some slight or other but I don’t think I ever would. To avoid my own car being keyed, there are a few bumper stickers that I avoid putting on though I would love to. One says “I’m pro-choice and I vote” but I have enough dealings in the vicinity of churches and religious organizations that I think my car would get keyed. For the same reason, I avoid putting on the “Is that a crucifix in your pocket or are you happy to save me” sticker on my car as well.

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Yes :-/
I also punched the guys lights out too for intimidating my Mother, he thought he’d have some fun with an old lady who lived on her own by parking his car right outside her front garden so she couldn’t get by in her buggy, up to the day I saw him doing it my Mother had never mentioned this guys antics for fear I’d do something silly, well!! Guilty as charged officer! no one messes with defenceless old ladies when I’m around! Especially not my Mother, she did tick me off though & offered to pay for the damage,,,,,, to the guys teeth :-/
He politely declined the offer……

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@jaytkay Get over it. People here clarify that they’re talking about a white person all the time even if it has nothing to do with the topic.

To actually answer the question, no I have not. However a friend of mine saw someone keying his car (parked in his driveway) and we ran outside and managed to chase him down. He didn’t even know my friend, just some asshole with nothing better to do. I held his arms while my friend gave him one shot in the mouth and one in the stomach. and before anyone starts crying over that, he wasn’t seriously hurt and the asshole deserved it.

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I have never keyed a car or had my car keyed, but I have parked so close to cars where you could not get in on the drivers side of people who think their car is so special they deserve two parking spaces.

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I would much rather get someone arrested for the crime they commit, rather than exact some sort of street justice. In the end they’ll suffer far more going through the legal system than they will by catching a beat-down.

To answer the specific question: No.

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Nope, never have. Egging a car is a much better alternative.


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@FutureMemory at the time I was living in small rural town where the only thing a cop was good for is busting teenagers for smoking pot behind the highschool. We didn’t know the guy, and by the time the cops would have got there he would have been long gone. He got 2 punches. My friend is a big guy and I’m trained in karate. We could have fucked him up way worse if we wanted too.

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@DominicX Ugh, someone did that to my car this past winter and it ruined the paint :(

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Up until now, I always thought that only women keyed cars. I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find out otherwise!
I never have, and can’t imagine a circumstance where I would.

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I had my car keyed. Someone on campus was going around keying all the cars.

A couple friends of a friend caught him in the act. They were in car smoking, and the guy didnt’ see them, and started to key a car across from them. They ran over and caught him. They said if he wanted to damage the car, he should do it right. they slammed him into the door until it was dented in, then tossed him on the hood caving that in. they told him to stay there, and if he didn’t they were going to follow him and relally beat him up.

They left and called campus security saying they caught the car keyer and beat him up after damaging a car they will find him near.

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