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What is the best way to get a car key replaced?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16799points) June 9th, 2013

I have a 1997 mazda mx6. It was having immobiliser problems, I had planned to pop start it and drive it to the repairers. Then my son lost the keys. I have the fob still. Would it be best to have it towed to the dealership? Or would an automotive locksmith be able to make a key and then I pop start it and drive it to the repairer to have the immobiliser fixed? Also, does anyone know, does the RAA let you use a family member’s account for roadside emergencies like you can in the US?

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I had an ‘89 Buick Electra and lost the damned keys. Newer cars than ‘87 have registered keys. If you have a Mazda dealership near you, they will make a new key cheaper (mine was free, calling the Buick people but they were directly across the street from me at the time)

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Why not just give the dealership and a locksmith a call and see which is less expensive.

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I know you are asking about keys, but if you want a new fob, always get a used one from a locksmith. It works the same, but is far cheaper. The dealerships charge exorbitant prices for new fobs.

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You should be able to get a new key from the dealer with the VIN number.

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By the way, we ordered two blanks for a car of ours, because the dealer is so expensive, but we had one key. I only mention it because if you ever only have one key again, make sure to make at least on spare. I think the blank was a few dollars and cutting it was $2 each. Ordering the key already made was something like $50.

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Definitely cheaper to go with the dealer than a locksmith (I recently replaced the key for my 2005 car).

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I found it cheaper to go the dealership then the locksmith.

It might save a trip across town. Sometimes locksmiths and dealerships don’t have the blank they need. Do have your vin on hand.

To add to the pile but you should call and check and I have no idea about RAA. But calling is a good way to find out. Hope the rest of your day goes smoother.

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I rang the dealership they seemed kinda mystified. I have a locksmith coming then I guess i’ll take it to an auto alarm place. What a drag. Thanks all.

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you can get a cheap related blank key form to copy

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