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I've just lost the keys to my 2006 Honda Accord (both the key I normally use and my spare key). Now what?

Asked by Dr_Dredd (10528points) July 6th, 2010

I flew into my home airport this evening, only to discover that I couldn’t find my car keys. My car is still sitting in the airport lot, and I had to rent a car to drive home. What should I do now? Will I have to get the damn thing towed to a dealer, or is there a simpler way to get a replacement? ARRGHH!!!

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Call the dealer. Your key-code is associated with your VIN, and they will cut and program you a new one. It ain’t cheap.

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When that happened to me years ago (my keys ended up at the bottom of a stream somewhere in the forest) I called the dealership where I had bought the car.

They gave me the code number which I was then able to take to the hardware store to get a new key cut.

I don’t know why they couldn’t do the same for you.

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@Buttonstc because newer cars have integrated chips in the keys as a security measure.

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Admittedly it’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to afford a new car as I used to in my younger (stupider) days, but have the days of Ye Olde Hardwaare Shoppe where duplicate keys can be cut in two minutes departed forever?

When did these new chip things start? I guess I’d better make sure I have a duplicate made ahead of time and left with someone trustworthy.

Altho it’s been well over 30 years since I’ve ever lost or misplaced my car keys. That one time was scarring enough when it occurred since I was in the wilds of Alberta at the time while the dealership was in Pa.


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My Volvo is a 1998 model, and I can’t get the keys cut. They have to be re-forged in Sweden. It costs a fortune.

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That is just too horrible for words.

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@dpworkin That’s awful! Hopefully I don’t have to go to Japan for new keys to the Honda…

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The dealership will probably take care of it.

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Most key smiths can make a new key from the VIN number right on the spot. A service call is around $50 – $75, or a trip to your dealer will work, too.

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Not just newer cars with the VIN and the dealer; older ones, too. I’ve gotten keys for a 1990 Volvo and for a 1997 Honda from the dealer. Both were about $90 each, far cheaper than the keyless entry replacement on newer cars. They have to look up the key cut codes.

On older cars, your key will start another car of the same make. There was a funny local story about 15 years ago about a woman who was at the mall Christmas shopping all day. She got in her Taurus, drove home, and when she opened the trunk, her packages weren’t there. So she called the police. It turns out a man went to get in his car, realized that there were things in the back seat that didn’t belong to him, and called the police.

You won’t have to have it towed, but you will need the VIN, and the dealer may require proof of ownership, as in the car title or registration. The VIN is on these items, as well as your proof of insurance card.

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Just a silly question here but I have an 2002 VW, it came with three keys, two remote keys or radio wave key as they call them & also a standard emergency key that opens all the locks mechanically (non remote)should I lose the remote control keys…
Did you car just come with the two keys?? Even so as has been said already it may be a call to the main Dealer, your key code should be with your car documentation booklet, hope it’s not too expensive……:-/

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@YARNLADY Not any more they can’t.

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@dpworkin Really? The last time I had to call for one, several years ago, he made me up a key right there. I did have proof I owned the car, maybe that’s why. Or perhaps the law is different in different places.

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@YARNLADY It’s not the law, most new cars have a “chip” built into the black plastic that “TALKS” to the car. Wrong code on chip means “no start” but the key may turn the ignition switch. I had a non-remote extra key made for my daughter to use for my car, a 2005 Ford. It cost $200 and all keys to be used for the car had to be re-coded at that time.

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@Tropical_Willie Oh, I get it. Our last car came with a little plastic key embedded in a credit card that would open the door, but not start the car, in case we locked the key inside the car. I have read that some cars don’t even use keys anymore, just cards, like the hotel room cards.

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@Scooby Alas, the car only came with the two keys. I’m going to search my luggage one more time this morning, then call the dealer to find out how much $$$ this is going to cost me.

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Here is some helpful advice about where you keys might have wound up. I am still looking for mine, but Jeruba found her glasses so you might try some of these places as well!

Anyway when I lost my keys I went to the dealer and had a new one made. They needed the VIN number. If I remember correctly the new key cost less than $50, and they had it in stock. I never did replace the remote entry thingy – it was a lot of work to have to put the key in the lock!

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Ouch! I just contacted the M-B dealer to find out what such a thing would cost; they quoted me $300. Besides cutting the key, they have to program some electronic chip inside the key.

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Good luck in finding them keys, I often miss place my keys & find myself rampaging around the house trying to find them, with me though I think it’s a sign of senility setting in…. :-/

It’ll most likely come to you where you left them when you’re not thinking about them, as is often the case with me….. Chin up Doc ;-)

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@Scooby Thanks. I hope I find them quick, because I have no wheels now! :-)

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I own a 2009 Toyota Prius. New keys for me cost $250.00. Because of the cost I try to be more careful with my keys. Didn’t work, though. I still lost two. I had an extra one made that I left with a friend to avoid not being able to find a key! Just a thought…

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