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Which is more expensive nantucket or martha's vineyard?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) March 13th, 2010

trying to plan a summer getaway. i want something near the water on either island, but not TOO crazy expensive. any suggestions?

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Nantucket is more expensive. It’s smaller and more exclusive. I think the country club costs some ridiculous amount of money to get into.

It seems like it’ll cost from 3–5 thousand per week for a four bedroom house on MV. Less for smaller places, and even less for those further away from the ocean. I have no clue what those little houses in Oak Bluffs go for. They would be nice for a couple, I think.

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What @wundayatta . You could always rent a house on the Cape in offseason (early June or late summer) and it’s only 800–2k for a week. And often times you can find one with a private beach. I live in Mass and I did that 3 years ago with a friend – we got a little 2 bedroom house with a private beach in Orleans on the Cape. It was lovely.

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Homeaway is a good site for private vacation rentals. I’ve used it to rent places, and I have friends who let out their cottages there. Thumbs up from both sides. Yes, I sound like a commercial, but my only connection is as a satisfied customer.

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Nantucket used to be more expensive and exclusive, but I’d be interested to see if that’s changed since the Obamas started vacationing on MV.

I’d definitely take the homeaway suggestion but also check out the vacation rentals on Craig’s List. You’d be amazed at what you can find there.

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@tragiclikebowie A place with an ocean view? Even with only two bedrooms, I don’t think you’d find one at two k. And I know for a fact that it’s hard to find something that will fit ten people for less than 3k on the Cape. All I can say is that I’m glad my parents are paying for it.

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There are other islands in the area that you might want to look at. They don’t have some of the cachet (and maybe the names aren’t so pretty sometimes), but an island off the south coast of New England is… an island off the south coast of New England, once you get there.

Check out rentals on Block Island, Hog Island, Fisher’s Island (even Long Island, Orient Point area). Maine has beautiful islands, too.

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@wundayatta The house my friend and I had for a week was 1k with 2 bedrooms, a pull out couch, and a bed on the screened in porch. So in all it could sleep 7 or 8 people. And there’s room for people to bring their own sleeping bags or whatever. It was in Orleans, 100 feet away from the beach, with a lovely ocean view. This was in off season (early June) 3 years ago.

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