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Why do I have such a short attention span on Fluther?

Asked by plethora (9579points) March 13th, 2010

AB crashed and burned (evidently because of some insane thinking on the part of the owners…we’ll never know) and a whole slew of us migrated to Fluther. I’ve checked out some others and I think Fluther is the best of what I see. However, I used to log onto AB, there was an absolutely magnetic quality. It was pure entertainment and there were more questions in which to get involved than I could possibly ever get to. I had to tear myself away. On Fluther, however, I find that if I check in a couple of times a day for about 10 minutes each I’ve pretty well covered it. There is never ever ever a plethora of questions that need answering….and the questions are rarely as interesting as we used to find on AB. I hear similar comments from other ABer’s. I’m glad to be here, but the electricity and the fun is nothing whatever like the electricity and the fun on AB. Anybody got any thoughts on why? Former ABers, if you care to chime in? Oh, as for assigning questions to me, I can pick them far better than Fluther can assign them. I usually just click “not interested” because I’m not.

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I find I have to tear myself away from Fluther after 3 straight hours.
You will be assimilated.
Resistance is futile.

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I think you answered your own question.

Ask interesting questions and sit back and enjoy. Get the other former ABers to do the same.

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Eh…probably because you don’t like Fluther as much as the other site?

Just a wild guess, you understand…

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Different strokes for different folks. Seriously. Some of us really like this format. Some like AB. Some like the Experience Project. There are so many others.

I guess the question to ask is what is it that gets you to spend ten minutes a day here. That might tell you more about what you want to know.

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I agree with plethora. have you ever been to two different parties, where one is just alive and pumping and the magic is just there? the other party is okay, but it appears i have to wear a tuxedo and sit straight in my chair or the party host will evict me from the premises. this is how i compare AB to Fluter. the moderators are the hall monitors and thats okay. at least they keep the trash off the site. AB had a lot of trashy people on it. was this what made the difference? the trashy people? i do not think so. Fluther is more or less a tea-sipping group of people and thats okay with me. ABers drank their coffee strong and black and with lots of gusto. Fluther is on the right tract. Fluther is a cut above Answerbag and thats a good thing. john

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This is easy to answer…Uh, what was the question again?

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@john65pennington Very very good answer. I think I would agree with your excellent metaphor that Fluther is a tea sipping group and ABers drank their coffee strong and black and with lots of gusto. Kind of like being in a ladies sewing group vs an Irish pub.

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Plethora. thats a big 10–4!! pass me a bottle of Bud Light and lets celebrate.

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Former ABer is here. I think fluther is much better than AB. The problem is that the new AB still allows its user to pick whatever question they like to answer. People there can make and answer question according to the subject they like,and there’s more than enough specific section to do that. Fluther however,allow its user to make random A/Q so not every person are interested/can answer all that random question. I’m quite confused at my first time. But I get used to it as time passed. Fluther is still the best site for its class(and probably even better than Askville).

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Hey, well, I used to be on and AIROW before Fluther and those two were like thizz or die rave warehouses. Sometimes I miss aspects of those sites, but overall I do prefer this site to the other two.

I think you just still would rather you had the old AB back. Fluther is a nice alternative, but it’s not quite what you were looking for.

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@john65pennington LOL…..:) Yeah!!!!!

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@wundayatta Good question. I guess the answer is that I come to Fluther always expecting more than I get. 10 minutes or so and I’m done. If the question is not up for me, then I am left to look through questions in chronological order. That sucks. I don’t mean to say that there are not aspects of Fluther I enjoy, but it really is like being in a ladies sewing circle vs an Irish bar. When I come here, I’m ready for an Irish bar experience.

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I dunno about you, but for me it’s been the influx of inane questions and answerers who don’t actually engage in debate. I can only stand so much idiocy before my attention wanders elsewhere.

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I had a problem understanding how Fluther operated until I realized that it is more like a forum setup, with each question being the start of a topic, than what I was used to in a q & a website.

I would like the old AB back but, if it was back, I would not leave Fluther. I am at the new site as it stands… I am at both. I really like the knuckling down to a solid debate or discussion you can do here or that my, shall we say, verbose answers are welcomed. I liked the speed, randomness, individual answer + comment thread format there but the questions were never as intelligent as Fluthers overall.

The two are so different as to make comparing ludicrous other than to say if you prefer one to the other.

This is hardly a ladies’ sewing circle. There are some knock down, drag out, think hard debates. Insults fly but the insults are not as blatant as AB because Fluther does not allow it.

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@MacBean Surely each to his own. But I get reasoned debate all day. When I come here its for fun, not edification.A few idiots are not a problem. I can skip them.

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Well for one, it’s not AB.

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@Symbeline This would be true…:)

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@plethora I can skip a few, too.

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I have similar feelings. A lot of uninteresting new questions.
There are many questions previously asked that have sparked good discussion, and could use more input. But this interface makes them harder to find once they’re back there.

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@phoebusg Yes, I agree. We are pretty well stuck with the new questions and the ones I’ve seen in the last few days barely warrent a comment….at least from me.

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Fluther has a smaller overall population and a daily limit on how many questions one can ask.

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