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Do utility companies report to credit?

Asked by FlutherAlot (145points) March 14th, 2010

I have the money to pay my bills, but I don’t always get around to paying them on time. My internet provider charges a small late fee ($2) for paying my bill after the 8th of the month. I have paid it on the 12th and 13th several times, and even didn’t pay the late fee. The company never bothers me and I notice that they don’t even care if I pay the late fee (it does not get added onto my next bill). Is this affecting my credit negativly?

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They sure do. Pay your bills on time.
Check your credit report just to be sure it hasn’t dinged you yet.

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Now a days ,,,everything affects your credit record !

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If any charge is more than 30 days late, you run the very real risk of having it reported. It could be that there is a glitch in thier billing system, or human eyes have not yet noticed it. You can one day have a 90+ day late charge of $2 that can blow your credit all to hell. The credit rating generator’s formula does not take into account that it is a miniscule amount.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if just asking this question affects your credit.

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By asking this question, your credit score just dropped 15 points. you never know who is watching you on Fluther.

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I use to see peoples credit reports and I can tell you for a fact it shows ups. Some don’t bother to report it if you are making arrangements to pay them, however even if they don’t report it to the credit agencies, power companies call your prior company and get your full history from them. I know this because I had a resident who was asked to put a large deposit down to put their power on. They thought they were ok because it didn’t show on their credit report and bought it to my attention thinking it was because of the prior resident. Turned out they were always late on their payments and still had a small balance left to pay.

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