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why isnt the link apple sent me to download the SDK working?!?!?!

Asked by stuff12 (245points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I was so excited to download it but the link isnt working!!!!!

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it’s down right now.

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what is the site?

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Because everyone is trying to download it at the same time. Don’t worry, tomorrow is another day.

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the one he’s talking about is only for developers

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@squirbel: anyone with an apple ID (everyone who has used iTunes) can download it… If you want to distribute apps u build thru apple you’ll have to pay just a $99 developer fee (and get the app approved by them of course)

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That’s not my point. My point is that it is primarily for developers (who would have a clue about how to get it) and not just any Joe Schmoe iPhone owner.

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