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Have you ever spoken with anyone famous,if so who were they & did they live up to what you expected of them?

Asked by ucme (50037points) March 15th, 2010

Or did they come across entirely differently to how you’d imagined?

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I’ve only emailed someone I consider famous.

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NHL player-kind of a!

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You’ll have to ask @Blondesjon about his interaction with John Favreau, I mean Kevin Smith. Hehehehe.

Sorry, inside joke. I couldn’t resist.

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I met with Senator John Warner to try to push for a Navy laboratory I had been working with to relocate to Virginia when I knew they planed to move. He did everything he could, as the former Secretary of the Navy, to make it happen. Unfortunately, the other locale they were considering was Indianapolis, and Dan Quayle, then Vice President, went to bat for his home state. The White House outweighed one Senator, even one of Senator Warner’s stature.

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Do (famous) people on Fluther count?

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I’ve met multiple Nobel Laureates in the sciences (I doubt this counts as “famous” in the proverbial sense because 100% of the time they could be walking down the street and no one would notice), and they typically live up to my expectations of them. Some are humble and nice, others, not so much. Intellectually, it can be intimidating to talk science with them, but I do relish those rare opportunities.

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I’ve met some and it’s gone both ways; some were as rock’n’roll as expected while others ended up initiating conversations more related to my work than theirs (and considering this was musician who’s toured and recorded for a couple of decades, I found that pleasantly surprising)

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Quite a few and there have been none that have dissapointed me really. Sure, some were different to how I expected them to be but that is more my problem than theirs.

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I used to talk to god (when I thought it existed) and I yell at the president a lot (not that he even sees me or notices). However, in all modesty, I must say that I have made love to literally millions of women—in my dreams.

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George Burns – No, really a good man.
Jane Fonda – No, bitch.
Michael York – Nice guy
Doctor Ruth – Coolest lady
Rip Taylor – Funny Guy and a regular guy
Carol Mansell – Sweetheart
Dick Sargent – Nice guy
Karen Valentine – Sweetheart
Bradley Gregg – Pot head
Kyle Richards – Cute, moody
David Kaufman – Nice guy
DeWayne Jesse
Otis day and the Knights – My man Otis!
Clay Cole – Super cool!
Michael Cutt – Also a good man.
Richard Steven Horvitz – Totally crazy
‘Cousin Brucie’ Morrow- douche
John Fogerty- easy going and cool. Ok he is crazy also.
Tina Turner – She is a super cool lady
Cher – friendly
Bill Cosby- Ass
Tony Orland – Crazy MoFo!
Joe Piscopo – Straight up cool
Don Novello – Father Guido Sarducci – all business
Wintley Phipps – an enigma

Ok, enough. This is the short list.

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I met Jimmy Walker when I was about 10 or so. He was dyn-o-mite! :P

I was at the airport in Vegas waiting with my mom for my dad to return home from a business trip. I noticed him sitting down waiting for a flight. I asked my mom if she would take me over to him so I could ask for an autograph. He was very polite to me and signed a piece of paper.

I also met Al Jourgensen of Ministry after a concert of his in 1990. Someone was outside asking the crowd if anyone had any pot, shrooms or acid for Al. I had some shrooms left over from the night so I offered what I had. I handed them to Al and he shoved them in his mouth. He said to wait there and my friends and I could party with the band in the tour bus when he returned. We waited for an hour for him to return, but he never showed up. :(

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@ChazMaz You met Cher?! I GA’d you just for that. She’s one of my favourite people EVER!

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I was at Live Aid. I could have gotten in the limo with her. But was having too much fun.

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@ChazMaz I would have been in that limo. You, sir are one lucky man!

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Kathy Griffin.
She was quiet. Not nearly as obnoxious and she portrays on tv.

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I met Glenn Close… she was oddly skittish. She had this worn out baseball cap pulled down really low and she was pretty shifty eyed the whole time. She was pretty nice though. No complaints. Just observations.

Oh yeah.. and Harrison Ford. Half way through he started cursing this guy out for blocking the entrance to some restaurant.

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I’ll just say yes.

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Rick Nielsen, Cheap Trick: Great Guy
Susan St. James: Great Girl
Bill Murray: Hard to tell
Harry Carey: The Greatest
Buddy Selig, Baseball Commish: Passionate. Constantly.
Gilbert Gottfried: As funny a person I have ever met. Not nearly as annoying as his public persona.

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I’ve briefly spoken with Dick Dale a few times. He’s a great guy.

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Jonothan Frakes, lovely as he looks!

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My mum interviewd Sean Connory for a local magazine when we lived on the Costa Del Sol. We drove up to his house up in the mountains near Marbella & he was awesome. We were all rather star-struck, I was only 12yrs old, but he was brilliant. Rather like the grandad you wished you had…

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@Cloverfield – Now that is cool!

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Yes, I have spoken to a few Grand Prix drivers.

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@Dibley & if memory serves correctly… chatted up by at least 1!!!

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@Cloverfield Christian Albers yes, not really someone to brag about. Meeting Michael Schumacher was best moment ever. That weekend cost me thousands!

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@Dibley I dunno, he’s not a bad looking chap…. could have been worse, could have been Coulthard!

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@Cloverfield He was a boy, and blonde at that!

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@Dibley Oh, I forgot… ur another who likes the tall, dark, & handsome type. & he couldn’t have been that young surely!

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@Cloverfield He was young enough! I like older men. Hey, I’ve only had one tall,—dark- and handsome man. All the rest have been short, not so nice looking, tosser types!

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@Dibley Hahahahaha…... well I dont know what to say :)

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@Cloverfield I better not say men make better race car drivers, oops, I just did, now that is just silly! ;-)

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No, just better at thinking, apparently.

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@Dibley Hahahahaha…... but we are of course ;)

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@Cloverfield Of course. I hate watching the Formula ford and gp2 races before the main race. They have the odd woman in it, and they are rubbish. I hope they don’t come into F1.

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