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AT&T has bought T-Mobile. What can we expect?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) August 22nd, 2011

I have been a customer of T-Mobile, since 1998. That is a lot of money to pay one phone carrier. We have always been satisfied with T-Mobile and especially their Customer Service. We are probably No. 2 on their list of longevity as loyal customers. Question: now that AT&T has purchased T-Mobile, what can I expect in the future?

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I’ve been a T-mobile custormer for awhile, too. They really do have good customer service and good service in general. So I just hope it stays the same.

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Oh crap. Really? I don’t want to be an AT&T customer, I LIKE T-Mobile!!

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AT&T is, in my experience, very slow at integrating corporate acquisitions into “the mothership”. You can expect no change in customer service, network availability, or anything else you care about for quite some time. Possibly a few years. Just my opinion.

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I don’t think that it will ever get approval.

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Higher prices because of less competition.

Perhaps better coverage for the customers of the combined company.

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Ugh. Same thing happened to me. I was with Cellular 1, and they got bought in my area. The lines are long, and customer service is not great, but I’m paying less now.

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I switched to T-Mobile a few months ago because Cell One pulled out of our area(acquired) for lack of a better word. I was used to paying 40 bucks now I pay about 63 bucks for fewer minutes but unlimited text, hardly use the text part and never get close to overusing my minutes but the higher bill does bug me some. I’m waiting to see if it costs me more yet again or will the minutes be reduced. All this because I really liked my old phone and T-Mobile could put a sim card in it. If this oldie but goodie phone goes tits up I’m probably going to look at the Wallyworld plan. It’s just a phone. I’m not looking to buy into the company.

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I hope to hell this gets blocked. AT&T needs more competition, not less.

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From what I hear, AT&T has capacity problems. So we can expect worse service on T-Mobile as all those AT&T people jam up our network. Also prices will be jacked up, so if you want a cheaper plan, get it now before the merger goes through. Hopefully those iPhones won’t mess us up.

I don’t think there are any advantages as far as T-Mobile customers are concerned. I think the whole thing sucks.

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Well I’m a customer with AT&T now. I feel like I’m paying a lot of money. So I’ll say an increase in prices!!!! Literally. It’s a great service and everything but watch your cell phone bills. They’ll get money out of you anyway possible. I mean literally check everything whether you talk or text or have data plan etc. But customer service will please you. It’s a great service and they make a lot of money but the prices are high and there’s no one else you can really go to andymore since they’re taking over every phone company lol.

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This is a particularly unflattering article about AT&T’s SMS messaging plans for the future. To quote from the article: “The bottom-line is that AT&T is charging you 100,000 times more when you don’t have a messaging plan and that is a rip off.”

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I have a T-Mobile plan for a phone that is for emergency use only. It costs $100 per year and has to be the cheapest possible deal. If AT&T is allowed to take over T-Mobile, I seriously doubt that the plan will continue.

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US authorities at this time do not permit Deutsche Telekom to sell T-Mobile US to AT&T. The deal is off. Future unclear. But T-Mobile customers are far too valuable to let this subsidiary go down the drain. No need to panic.

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