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How do you feel about the honkers?

Asked by ETpro (34490points) March 15th, 2010

You’re studk in an endless traffic jam. As far as you can see ahead of you, not a single car has moved an inch. Suddenly, the moron behind you lets his frustration boil over and starts honking his horn over and over again, as if to say, “What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you just drive straight through the cars ahead, or disappear in a poof so I can move up 20 feet and honk at the next car?” How do you feel about the noisemaker behind you? What do you do about his rudeness?

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Let loose with some road rage….actually I usually do nothing as I can block that out with very loud music.

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Oh it’s Tootmycarhorn the boy pharoah.Go cry to your mummy.

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I think horns are on cars in case of emergency, to use if your brakes aren’t working, or your car is accelerating out of control or when entering a blind intersection so that everyone is aware of your presence. Any other use of horns, to express frustration, or to say hi to your friend is annoying and distracting and should not be done. In fact, I think horns are useless enough in emergencies because people are so used to hearing them when it’s not an emergency, that we ought to just remove them from cars.

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My first thought when I read this question was that by “honkers” you meant geese. The second was boobs.

When people honk at me, my only reaction is to go slower. I agree with @Snarp, they should only be used in an emergency, but have even lost usefulness in that situation, because people use them all the time. I’m all for removing them completely.

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This came to mind when I read the question. Ha. :)

I’ve done it before, where I turned up the music and started dancing in my seat. Pisses them off. :)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I thought it was going to be about geese too. Or maybe some British expression I didn’t know.

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It used to be worse in NYC, but now they toned down due to hefty fines laid on violators.

I try to ignore them but if they are persistent and gesturing at me, I slow down or prolong my stationary position when the traffic infront of me already proceeded. I also make note of the license tag in case I have to report them to the police for road rage, which is against the law in NY and NJ.

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Turn up the stereo and ignore the jerk but keep an eye on him just in case he decides to get out of his car with a tire iron and whole lot of rage.

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I want to cut their nut sacks off… but I usually just grip the wheel a little tighter and turn the music up. There may be a flipped bird if it goes on too long, though. I have little patience for stupidity, ignorance, and rudeness. (I know. Pot, meet kettle… but he started it!)

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I don’t mind when people do it in traffic as much as when they will be sitting in a driveway and think that using the horn is the same as using the doorbell.
No matter what time of day or night, one of the houses in my court constantly has someone pulling up to the house and persistently lay on the horn until someone comes outside.
It always seems to happen during my naptime, too.
I decided that the next time it happens, I’m writing them a “fuck you” letter and leaving it in the mailbox.

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@rangerr Cab drivers always do that.

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@Snarp Sorry about suckering everyone in by hinting this was a juicy goose or boob story. Maybe cabbies do it to let their passenger know they are doing all they can to get them to their destination quickly—as they sit there and watch the meter click up the $$$ for waiting time.

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Best reaction I ever had to someone honking at me was when she was trying to enter onto the Denver-Boulder turnpike during the morning commute and pass me on the right in the merge lane. While I didn’t speed up to block her, I did not slow down to let her in. Anyways, she got behind me and honked and flipped me off. I opened the sunroof, formed the perfect bird, and really slowly raised it through the roof. She honked and yelled some more, but I just held it there for a good minute for all to see. She calmed down after about 20 seconds and just had to deal with it.

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@cockswain Now thats a Kodak moment if ever I heard of one :)

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