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Would you buy a house that had powerlines nearby?

Asked by keobooks (14301points) March 15th, 2010

We are trying to sell our house and we’ve had good reviews even though we’ve had no takers yet. However, we just had several buyers in a row who said they wouldn’t even consider our house because we have powerlines overhead.

I know some people consider them a health risk, but I was wondering how serious a worry that is to people in general.

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Ick, no! I don’t like the noises—that hum. It would keep me on edge all the time!

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I wouldn’t feel that it is a great problem, ut I would read a few papers beforehand to comfort myself of that fact.

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I think it could make your home harder to sell.

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I wouldn’t because my mother always told me its not a good idea to buy a house near power lines. I never asked her why…

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Are we talking like, regular power lines or like industrial size transmission towers or something? I’ve heard this too, and wonder if it is a myth or not. I’m not sure. I’d imagine that regardless of whether they are overhead or underground, any grid-tied house will be in close proximity to power lines. If you think that is a sticky selling point, consider the house that is not grid tied (talk about limited market). If people keep making this an issue, I’d do some good background research and have it available at showings. I’d imagine the research conclusions would strongly be in your favor, even if the details are sketchy.

And hey, let us know what you find!

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Hell No!! Just look at the plants that grow under them. Not normal at all!

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what does overhead mean, as in literally running over your house?... High Voltage power lines?

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It may not be unhealthy, but it surely lowers the resell-value and therefore I wouldn’t buy it unless it was priced substantially lower than other similar property w/o the power lines.

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My wife & I almost bought some property in 1989 in an exclusive area of southern California—tempting, but there were power lines with at least two towers running through it.

There’s no physiologic reason to expect that electromagnetic (em) radiation at such low frequencies (50 or 60 Hz) and low field strength at the ground is harmful. We’re surrounded by it already in our homes. Studies of cattle grazing under power lines have also turned up nothing, last I heard.

We passed on the deal, however, because the lines were such an eyesore—the property was greatly devalued by it. The seller tried to convince us that high-temperature superconductors (which had just been discovered) will soon make the towers obsolete. Nice try.

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No, I prefer not to get the Cancer…

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No, I wouldn’t, because my dad always told me to not buy a house near powerlines, because of the radiation risks. However true that is, they still make me uneasy.

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No, all the power lines in our neighborhood and it looks so much better that way. I lived in a rental near some high voltage power line towers, I wasn’t worried about cancer, but they made a lot of noise, and it took months to get used to it.

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No, I would not want to live close to a major pole line.

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