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What is the best way to convert VHS to DVD?

Asked by lilikoi (10059points) March 15th, 2010

I generally understand how it works, and am hoping someone can recommend products based on experience so that I don’t have to spend hours reading product reviews. Thank you!

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you can play the movie and video-record in in parts like the way people steal movies from the theater then put it back together..

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In a nutshell, you can connect your VCR to your computer and download a program to handle the processing.

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You need something that will read the VHS tape, and convert it to digital data. There are a number of VHS/DVD writers out there, made by major manufacturers like Panasonic. I have personally used a Sony camcorder that had a built in digitizing function, that I would hook my VCR up to, and plug into my computer. That worked great. There are also products out there at electronic stores (Frys, Best Buy, etc.) that will do that as well.

It depends what you want. Are you looking for the easiest thing? In which case, try something like the Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD with VHS VCR. That will allow you to put your VHS tapes directly onto a DVD. If you want to get a little more creative, and work with the digital video, then use a capture device, like THIS. It comes with the capture device, and software to help you do what you want, after you get the video content digitized.

Hope that helps!

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@cockswain Would you please go back and give the bigger than a nusthell version? I’d like to know this myself, and I can just see my stupid ass holding the VCR cord in one hand, looking blankly at my computer with drool coming out the corner of my mouth.

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@nope Thanks for the link. That sounds like what I am after. My mom just wants to put her VHS movie collection and home videos from like the 1970s on to DVDs so she won’t want a capture device. Thanks.

Holy crap it is $200+.


It would be nice to be able to just hook the VCR straight to the PC (that already has a DVD burner) and convert analog to digital, then write to DVD. Writing to DVD is easy enough.

What kind of cable do I need to hook the VCR to the PC, and what is a good analog/digital converter that would work?

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For the easiest solution in one unit try a GO VIDEO 2940

this is a dual deck unit which converts from VHS to DVD.

This is an older model. I got mine from the local craigslist for $30.

You might also try eBay. They don’t have any more at

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Get a Liteon DVD Recorder.

Firmware updates. Hacked versions can be easily found to enable 3-hour mode, all-region, and disabled macrovision.

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I used a analog-to-digital conversion gadget and cannot recommend it. I just used it for all the family history recordings. Forget movies unless they are very rare and available on VHS only. Get the DVD instead.

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