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ITrip compatibility with fifth gen iPod..?

Asked by LauraKoz (10points) March 15th, 2010 from iPhone

Have the early (2005) fifth gen iPod (model A1136). Purchased an iTrip that works beautifully with my 32Gb 3GS phone, but not the iPod. The iPod works with many of the same docking stations that take the phone so is there an iTrip-esque product out there for both devices to play in the car? The iTrip listed fourth and fifth gen iTouchs as well as the fourth gen Nano and iPod Classic -is there another model/gen to look for in place of mine bc I can’t find it on any packaging. Thank you for the suggestions.

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If not, just use a radio transmitter that plugs in the 3.5mm jack. I hate Apple’s BS about “unsupported accessories.” I have the same phone and it’s bull crap that I can’t use my old accessories. Forcing buyers into purchasing all new accessories. Crap!

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@coogan Only thing with the Jack is I’ve found only earbuds to work with the phone. Had an aux line in the last stereo for the iPod but wouldn’t work with the phone. Is it too much to ask for one compatible wireless device? lol

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@LauraKoz I’ve got the same 32GB 3GS, are you sure? It should put out regardless (that’s what she said), although, you may have to turn the volume up. Some stereos sound really faint when you connect it using the 3.5mm stereo cable.

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