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How much should I tip a massage therapist?

Asked by P-Rud (15points) January 29th, 2007
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i was told $5 - $10, but i wonder if that's low.
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Depends on what he/she is in the sticks, people don't tip...just cookies or candles at Christmas. $10 seems a lot.
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I think it's 15-20%, like most of the rest of the service industry.
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Agree with sjg 15-20% is the norm
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yep, sadly it's 10-20% of the service. I heard that if the person owns the shop/store/salon, then you don't have to tip, but I've never been sure about that.
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except for the pizza delivery guy, he just gets a few bucks (I do it on how far he had to drive), and I don't give mani/pedi people that much etiher.
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Do you guys live in coastal cities? It was traditionally true that owners of salons, etc didn't get tips, but that may have changed. 20% seems a huge addition to fee for massage therapist. You wouldn't tip a chiropractor, acupuncturist, tai chi teacher or physical therapist, would you?
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Pizza guy seems different (like a waitperson). He is probably getting minimum wage and hasn't been trained for skillful work. Or maybe that is just his day job.
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Pizza delivery people live off of their tips, it’s greedy people that leave a dollar that piss me off. I am a delivery girl. Not everyone that delivers pizza is an unskilled worker. I am extremely skilled with 3 associate degrees and working on a double bachelors degree!!! I work part time to buy books, school expenses, and food. I do what I have to to get through school. I love when customers comment on my skill or choice of job, because in a few short years they will probably be serving me! Listen folks, be kind TIP YOUR DRIVERS!!!

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