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Have you ever felf that you married the wrong person/be in a relationship with the wrong person?

Asked by Tringveryhard (31points) March 16th, 2010

And you continue to be in the marriage/relationship because you feel it’s the right thing to do?

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I’ve never felt that way about my husband whatsoever. I married him 6 months after we met and have never looked back.

I did live with a guy for a year once and it was terrible. It was my first “serious” relationship. The only thing serious about it was how seriously screwed up it was. I tried and tired to make it work and he didn’t. I didn’t feel it was the “right thing to do”. I just felt that I loved him and wanted to make it work. I finally realized it wasn’t ever going to work, no matter how hard I tried and I hauled ass home. No one ever said I was a quick learner.

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“And you continue to be in the marriage/relationship because you feel it’s the right thing to do?” Why would it ever be the right thing to do? If your unhappy with your relationship and there is no fixing it, move on.

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Everytime so far. lolololol

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I never felt that I was in a relationship with the wrong person; even when they ended I never felt that the relationship should not have happened.

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@thriftymaid I agree, same here.

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@Coloma I supposed we are very fortunate

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I don’t think of my past relationships as “should have happened” or “should not have happened”. Even though they didn’t last, I always find I learn SOMETHING from either the experience or the person. As long as I keep learning, I’m not regretting. …..however I think I’ve finally found a keeper :)

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When there are children involved, it’s easy to try this method, and hope for the best, especially if children are young and you don’t have a safety net with respect to any type of family support. In retrospect, it would have been better to leave. I don’t know that I would be any happier, but I would have more control over my life.

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Only when I was dating. It usually only took me a few days to drop them like yesterdays headline.
I think in any long relationship you have those moments that make you think, WTF, but then you calm down and get over it, and remember what makes it work out and why you love them.
Marriage is a commitment that one should at least honor by trying to work at it. If however, you can’t get to that part, than the word chow should be in your vocabulary. Sometimes life can railroad you in the little details.To stay in a marriage because its the right thing to do is only delaying what is going to eventually happen.

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I think if one starts to become physically ill or psychologically unwell because of the stress of dealing with that person they should leave. But if it is not so severe…they should try to work on it. Really its about living a healthy life.

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