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What are the best websites for promoting an internship and encouraging people to apply?

Asked by occ (4051points) March 16th, 2010

I’m trying to promote an internship for an environmental organization. It’s an amazing internship that includes all-expenses paid travel around the country, thousands of dollars worth of free outdoors gear and apparel, and a chance to be a video blogger. I’ve sent the job description to over 400 college campuses. We’ve generated some good applications but we have two weeks left till the application deadline and I am wondering if there are big blogs and websites that I should be pitching this to. We’ve received some coverage in green blogs but I’d also like to reach out to other websites that students read. Any sugestions?

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Lve's avatar is a good website for posting internships like this one.

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NACElink, iNet,,, Rising Star Internships,, and Opportunity Knocks are some good ones.

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Craigslist. Never will you find such an eclectic hive of wiling and able in this galaxy.

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