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WTF is up with the Tooth Fairy?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) March 16th, 2010

These kids expect $5 for an Incisor?... X4? Canine’s going for $10? Premolars between $10—$20? WTF?

Just back from a gathering of parents where the subject came up… I can’t believe what these parents are paying out!

When I was a child (yes, I was a child), I got Loose Change. Just enough to buy some sugar straw pixie sticks. I’d have to save two teef worf of dough to land some candy cigarettes (thought I was somefin), but the big red wax candy lips were the biggest prize, and I had to take a loan out from Mom to get em’.

Little did I know the sugar would kill my adult teeth! Don’t get no cash for those… do ya?

Why do parents make the Tooth Fairy out to be such a Sugar Daddy these days? What’s a tooth worth in today’s market?

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My oral surgeon got $960 for my wisdom teeth.

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I say pay them 25 bucks a tooth but tell them the tooth fairy expects them to only use it when they have to go to the dentist and he has to drill their teeth because of all the times they didn’t brush or ate candy.

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Huh, since when do different teeth get different amounts? I got up to 20 bucks for some of my teeth when I was a kid, but we never distinguished between different types of teeth.

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@Pandora: wouldn’t that encourage them to want to have their teeth drilled? :- /

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@Lve: Um, I don’t know where you shop, but pixie sticks cost less than 10 bucks around here. Yeahhhhhhhhh.

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The tooth fairy did not even visit my house when growing up. :P

Is that really what children these days expect?

We just had to pay the Cat Tooth Fairy $240 to do a dental on him. That was $240 for extraction of two teeth and the extraction of the root of a long broken off tooth. Those were expensive teeth. Say, I thought we were supposed to be paid, not the Cat Tooth Fairy.

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I also got loose change – my tooth fairy was a cheapskate.

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I never received money for my teeth. It’s like I was robbed from my childhood

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Get a pair of pliers and a bottle of vodka. The cat tooth fairy won’t know the difference.

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@Milk That doesn’t speak well for Milk.

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I always opted to keep my teeth. I have them all saved in a peanut butter jar. My sister cashed them in, and I think the tooth-fairy gave her a dollar a tooth. That sounds like a fair price to me.

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I always wondered what I was doing wrong when I got a few pence and my friend got a few pound. If anything, the toothfairy resulted in bringing my self worth down!
What a woman.

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It is weird isn’t it? “My body parts for money!? Alright!”. Strange idea of the body: worth money.

I guess money is the reward that makes the pain go away
lol dentally speaking.

But great training for real life! Got problems? Get money! See? Allll better! them, early ;)

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Although the tooth fairy is great in the sack…. the wild little minx!

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My kids both got $5 for the first tooth lost. After that is was a dollar. They’re only little once, they are only going to lose their baby teeth once, and it was fun! I forgot once and my daughter ripped the “tooth fairy” a new one – in only the way a 6 year old could – and asked ‘promise not to forget next time?’ with a signature line! I signed it with my left hand and drew a little tooth for the first part. I kept the note (and for some strange, gross reason – some of the teeth are in my jewelry box still!).

I think what you said some parents are paying is absolutely ridiculous, however. Kind of like the Easter Bunny (we are close) bringing bikes or skateboards. Really? I think not.

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The tooth fairy put dog poop under my pillow :(

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My kids get two bucks for a tooth. Inflation, you know!

There have been two occasions when the tooth fairy was more generous. Once when my son was five and had to have a tooth pulled, which was a horrible experience, he got five dollars from the tooth fairy. He earned it, let me tell you.

Our daughter recently got a huge bonus from the tooth fairy. At a checkup, the dentist noticed that a loose baby tooth was causing the adult tooth behind it to come in crooked. There was also something about the way the tooth was coming in that let food get trapped between the baby and adult tooth and could cause a cavity. He said he would have to pull the baby tooth and we made an appointment for that. He told our daughter that if she wiggled the baby tooth enough it might come out before he had to pull it an she’d save us a lot of money (no dental insurance). She was 10 at the time and knew the truth about the tooth fairy, so she made a deal with my husband. She said, “Since it costs over a hundred dollars to have a tooth pulled, I think if I get this to fall out soon I should get $20 for it. It’s a really good deal for you.” For some reason my husband agreed to this, and two days before the tooth was scheduled to be pulled, our daughter got that sucker out. She had been wiggling it obsessively and it paid off. My husband kept his word, and the “tooth fairy” paid up.

@autumn43 I have baby teeth in my jewelry box too! And, I totally agree about the Easter bunny. Easter baskets in our house get things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and Play-Doh, plus the inevitable chocolate bunny. No peanut butter eggs because the Easter bunny eats those while filling the baskets.

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@MissAusten….. you kept the baby teeth?! Haha, thats kinda funky :)

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I got .50 cents, a tooth. I thought I was lucky. I’m glad I didn’t know you all when I was little, I would have thought my parents were poor, and then I would try to come up with a after school job, so I could get a dollar a tooth.

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It’s 25 cents a tooth, should be a dime.

Why mess with tradition?

Tooth fairies are for kids that do not understand the value of the dollar. If they do, then they are too old to be believing in tooth fairies.

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I don’t even remember what the tooth fairy left for me as a kid. Probably 50 cents or a dollar.

@JeffVader I know, it’s funky! I can’t bring myself to just throw them away, but I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with them. Sometimes I think it would be funny to make them into a necklace and enjoy the looks on peoples’ faces when they see it. I’d put the tooth my son had pulled right in the middle, since it still has a huge long root on it. It looks like a lion tooth. Maybe the smallest baby teeth would make a nice pair of earrings. All the other moms would be so jealous.

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@MissAusten Hahahahaha, that’s genuinely funny… ever so slightly creepy, but well worth the effort I think!

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I always got dollar coins. It was more like a cool surprise than spending money

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@La_chica_gomela Nope because then they will realize that money comes out of their pocket each time they have to go to the dentist because they didn’t take care of their teeth.

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One time the Tooth Fairy came to my house by accident.

What a freak!

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