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If a window on your car is smashed in, what's the best way to improvise a makeshift window until you can get it fixed?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11426points) March 18th, 2010 from iPhone

what’s your best temp window solution?

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Side window, front or back?

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Side or back. You can’t drive without a windscreen.

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Saran wrap and duct tape.

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Duct tape and a hammer—@XOIIO dammit!

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Get yourself dark clothes and piano wire, go out after midnight, find a car similar to yours and go to town !!!

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Some thick, clear plastic sheeting. You can often find it at a painter’s supply store.

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Duct tape a painting of some nice scenery over it!! ;)

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I like @XOIIO response. just be sure not to get tape on the actual car. Heat from the sun will bake that tape residue crap on for EVERRRRR.

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Tape a photograph of a car window to the hole. Duh.

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Tape a photo of a brand new window to the inside of your sunglasses! :)

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Tape a photo of a brand new window to a duck.

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Tape a photo of a brand new window to a donut.

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Oops. I meant staple it to a chicken. ;-)

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Tape a donut hole shut! :)—is that a sin??—lol

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My dad used duct tape when the wind shattered his back window and he had to wait for the insurance company to approve it.

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Tape a photo of a duck eating a donut to the brand new window.

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Tape a duck photographer to your donut and chain him up in your basement! ;))

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In most state, insurance covers windshields at 100%, and you can get them fixed within 24 hours. Some companies come to your home or workplace and do it.

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Hey Lucille! Where do you get your donuts from?

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Duckin’Donuts! Where do you get yours??

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Where am I supposed to get a picture of a duck eating a doughnut?

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@Captain_Fantasy From Duckin’ Donuts.

Captain_Fantasy's avatar

There arent any of those over here.
I think someone just volunteered for getting a photo of a duck eating a doughnut.
Please don’t force feed the ducks

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Dust mites keep me awake at night with all the sex they’re havin’ under my bed.

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@Vunessuh Well, at least someone is getting some!

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A piece of 1/8 inch plexiglass. It is easy to cut and can be taped in place.
You can buy it at any of the hardware stores.
Cut a piece of cardboard first and then trace it out so you know the size.

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