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Could scarring in my ears make loud sounds sound louder to me?

Asked by Monaquimby (2points) March 20th, 2010

I’ve had Many ear infections in my life, along with tubes and surgury to correct the hole left by one of the tubes. When I hear a loud noise it literally hurts. Like when my children are playing with there father or I’m in a crowded store.

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It sounds like a possibility, but an audiologist or ENT doctor would be the ones to consult.

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If you have had surgery and infections, you must have an ENT team available for this issue. The diagnostic techniques and hearing devices have gotten very sophisticated.

Loud sound tracks at movies bother me. Sometimes I have to stick my fingers in my ears (The Quantum of Solace…what a mistake that was.)

I broke the stapes in my left ear after a bad fall. The surgeon tried to put a titanium prothesis in on three separate occasions and failed all three times. I now wear a little digital aid from Oticon. I can turn it off when there is annoying noise.

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Hello; I am an Audiologist. Having a comprehensive audiological and impedance evaluation would be the best way to determine what could be causing your ear pain. Typically, scar tissue on the tympanic membrane results in reduced sensitivity to soft sounds. Sensitivity to loud sounds can be related to problems with the auditory nerve or can be a migraine aura (which can happen even without headaches) or other possible causes.

For those sensitive to loud sounds, I would also suggest filtered ear plugs that allow slight, even levels of attenuation without distorting the sound… like turning the world down 2 clicks.

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