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Can beauticians make the hole in a pierced earlobe bigger?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13098points) September 8th, 2017

I have pierced ears, but I can never get the post through the hole in my right earlobe. I have to wiggle it and wiggle and push and it makes my ear really sore. I avoid wearing earrings because of the rigamarole I have to go through to get them in my ears. The left side seems much better. So I wonder if they can re-pierce the right side to make it straight or slightly bigger?

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You get the hole bigger by replacing what’s going through it with something that gets progressively larger over time. STRETCH those suckers out!

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I have trouble getting a thin piece of metal through the hole – I actually think it might be that the hole isn’t straight, so when I try to put my earring in, I have to wiggle it about to find the pathway through. Hence, it gets really sore. I just tried to put an earring in now (which prompted this question) and now my earlobe is swollen.

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Put a stud in. Wires tend to make the hole tighter.

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Yes – they could re-pierce it.

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You could be having a reaction to the metal. I have problems, even with gold. I tried platinum. They are pricey, but go in fine, and don’t iritate even after hours in.

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I don’t know when you got your ears pierced, but now they use piercing guns that make wider holes than when I was a kid. You could have them just repunch the whole I think. Another option is wear heavy earrings fir a while. It will stretch the hole, but that can create a hole that looks stretched down, rather than a nice neat wider hole.

If you redo the holes, make sure you wear only posts for at least a month and turn them every day.

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I think you’re on to something with your question about the straightness of the hole. One of my original holes was on a slight angle which made it hard to get a thin earring through – and studs looked crooked on that side. I used sleeper studs for about a month after the initial healing. The hole got bigger which allowed me to wear regular studs properly.

I’d probably go that route first and if that didn’t work, go to have that one ear re-pierced and explain really really thoroughly what the problem with the original hole is.

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Thanks all. I’ll try buying some studs/sleepers with a thicker post and see if that helps. I’ve got some lovely earrings, but I avoid putting them in because it makes my earlobe so sore after fighting to get the post through.

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I have the same problem so I also am going to try the studs.

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We will have to report back @chyna!

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I will. We give it a month?

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I’d recommend going to a professional piercer (like at a tattoo parlor, though make sure both the establishment and piercer are reputable), rather than some booth at the mall or whatnot where they use piercing guns. It might cost a bit more, but the process will be easier, less painful, and you should have no issues afterward.

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@Darth_Algar, if the stud/sleeper thing doesn’t work, I’ll definitely do that. Thanks everyone! I’ll let you know when I’ve bought some new sleepers @chyna, but you start now if you have some.

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Or you could just leave some posts in.

I get that. Pretty sure it’s just the holes closing up. Once I have one in it’s no sweat to swap it out.

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@Earthbound_Misfit 9/10/17 I started my studs. I’ll let you know how they work.

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