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Internet is not working with laptop with windows xp (I6000)?

Asked by dropdeadgorjess (8points) March 20th, 2010

i rewipped my mom’s laptop but it wont connect to the internet. usually it’d be an easy step by going to “connect” and picking my modem from the options. but it doesn’t show up, i try to make a new connection, or use a “home connection” but it pretty much leads down to it’s not wireless or something. do i need to install drivers for this, and if so, how could i do that? i tried on the dell website via flash drive but im not sure if that was supposed to work or not.

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if you wiped a laptop’s HD and installed XP on it, you will need at least the LAN driver or Wireless driver from Dells website. Just go on another computer and make sure you download the right one for the model of the laptop and yea just bring it over on a flash drive and install. Then you should be able to use the internet on the laptop to download the rest of them from dell

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How are you trying to connect? Dialup, DSL, cable? Through a router or not?

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nicky – this is exactly what i tried, but when i tried to open up the files on the wiped computer it said the file couldn’t be found (and how it wants to search for it and such)
and i’m trying to connect with DSL 2wire

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typically, drivers and such from a vendors website include an executable file, which should self extract and install the driver for you and everything… what exactly did dell give you? because i have had some issues using that windows driver wizard

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well i went to the network section, and i tried “dell – driver” which lists different wireless cards. then i also tried an intel driver which lists “wireless network connection” and so i saved them to my computer, dragged them to the flash driver folder, and tried to open them up in the other computer but it just stated it was an unknown file, although it would open on my computer, which is hp and windows 7.

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have you fixed the problem? if not can you give me the model of the laptop you are installing XP on?

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Update the lan driver for the card which it is mean for.I mean if you have intel NIC then install the intel drivers only.Other drivers WON’T work.And if you change the brand of the pc the driver for the perticular device will also change provided the component is of the different brand.By the way,You should not have problem if have win7,‘COZ it comes preloaded with the most of the drivers.

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