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Why do people hate Nancy Pelosi so much?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) March 22nd, 2010

I’ve seen people here who want the woman straight up dead.
Why such a passionate reaction?
Is it her policies, her demeanor, or her fashion sense?

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Are there any strong, powerful women who are generally well-liked?

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Scapegoats are important to some people.

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She just makes it so easy.

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It’s got to be her demeanor. I generally agree with her policies, but there is just something intensely annoying about her. If she can irritate me, I can only imagine what a lightning rod for rage she must be for the conservatives.

Some people are just annoying, no matter what. Like Ryan Seacrest or The Eagles.

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Because she’s a female, a Democrat, and the Speaker of the House.

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Well, I do hate her hair and those horrible pant suits. Blech!

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You have to ask who are the people who hate her. She is showing that she can do what many men before her have not been able to do. This probably makes some people a tad uncomfortable.

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for no particular reason I’d like to also express my intense hatred for Nickelback

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I think I saw her act condescendingly toward Julia Louis-Dreyfus on a talk show, but I’m not sure about that.

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She is a woman with power. Conservatives who are all about traditional gender roles hate women with power. And because she is a democrat, they say that in public. If she were a republican, they would stay silent because the party comes first.

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She has a silly name :)

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I fuckin love her :P

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I don’t much care for questions of the form “Why do people hate—- ?” or “Why does everybody hate—- ?” We’ve seen quite a few of them around here. In the first place, everybody doesn’t. In the second, so many people are so weak-minded and so easily led that that’s all it takes to foster hatred among the ignorant. I don’t see that fostering hatred anywhere has ever done anyone any good.

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As some of you may remember, I incurred the liberal wrath of many flutterbots by saying some positive things about Sarah Palin a couple of weeks or so back when I asked if she could be a national candidate again. I mention this only to point out that I hardly come from the liberal knee jerk cross section of the Fluther population.

I don’t hate or even dislike Nancy Pelosi. I respect her for being a strong woman with a very difficult job that is guaranteed to make almost half of the people hate her all of the time and just about everybody angry with her at one time or another. I even like her sense of polish and style. More polished than Sarah overall, but not quite as well put together in the sense of personal style. Good though.

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I was hoping people who actually do hate Nancy Pelosi would weigh in rather than have people tell me my question sucks but thanks for the critique.

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@Jeruba I doubt the questions will stop though

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Captain Fantasy

Well, okay, I’ll try to help. Again, I don’t hate or even dislike her (see my post again), but many of my conservative and libertarian friends do.

I think it is a combination of several factors. Being female is certainly one, but not the only one or even the main one. Sarah Palin is a good contrast. Loved by many on the right, although a woman.

Anyway, the main factor is that Ms. Pelosi has become an iconic kind of figure for those on the right because she speaks up for so many political goals which the right hates. In this sense the political right’s perception of Ms. Pelosi is similar to the way the left, once upon a time, perceived President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Rumsfeldt, and strategist Karl Rove. Rather than dissect all of the issues in rational debate, it is easier to just personify and demonize the opposition. This is an unfortunate trend in all modern American politics, whether liberal left, coservative right, or maybe off somewhere else Libertarian.

When the iconic figure is a woman I think that tends to exacerbate both people’s like and dislikes. That’s certainly true for Sarah and probably for Ms. Pelosi as well.

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Because hating politicians has been an American institution since before the first Continental Congress. before there was an America

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I think it is her demeanor. She has perfectly developed traits of the “political class” -condescending, disapproving, sense of omniscience and self righteous

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@nikipedia Oprah, and she happens to be a “minority” as well.

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@lilikoi: But she is not a political figure. Also, it is socially unacceptable to openly hate a black person. I’m sure there are a lot of people who secretly hate her.

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i dont know but i thinks she is one hot MILF.

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“i dont know but i thinks she is one hot MILF.”

I think she’s also a GYLF. ;-)
She’s going to turn 70 this coming Friday.

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@lilikoi: Just for funsies, I did a few googles.

“i hate nancy pelosi” returned 34,300 hits.
“i hate oprah” returned 410,000 hits.
“i hate sarah palin” returned 494,000 hits.

So… if you trust my manipulations of the almighty Google (I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t), people hate Oprah nearly as much as they hate Sarah Palin.

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@nikipedia And, appropriately, “I hate sandra bullock” has 680,000 results.

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Add my name to I hate Oprah.

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Maybe it’s that sledge hammer she carries.

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I hate Hitler got 1,860,000.

I think Pelosi is terrific, but I can see things about her that I am sure annoy people.
The plastic Joker smile.
The shoulder pads.
The pant suits.
Mostly, though, it would be her politics. San Francisco values, which I support.

she also has the nicest cans in the house

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Did you see Gavin Newsom on Bill Maher?

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@Brian1946 That would require me to watch Maher, and I refuse to watch that.

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These people are not thinkers, they are reacters and often they go nuclear. I you paid O’Reilly, Limbaugh. Savage and the Fox talking heads to slander Disney, Bambi would be getting death threats.

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But they love Ann Coulter….talk about a c u next tuesday..

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And you thought you were sooo unique…~

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And I ‘ll tell you what….there’s a guy named DAVID LETTERMAN…I know… serious coincidence but it sounds just like your screen name…crazy huh? ~

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I am sure deep down inside they think “Why is that woman not in the kitchen making sammiches?”. But she spreads their propaganda, so it is alright.

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@SeventhSense He is just another wannabee!

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@filmfann “The plastic Joker smile.” I wasn’t quite sure what it was about her appearance I dislike until I read this, and it all kinda fell into place for me. As far as her policies, I mostly agree with them, but I’ve been disappointed in the way she’s managed the Democratic congress. This was the year we were supposed to do great things, cut through a lot of the bullshit back-room deals, and become an example of how legislation should be made.

This didn’t happen, and instead of a well-written, robust healthcare bill with a public option (I would have even preferred a single-payer government-run system like Canada), we got something much weaker than it needed to be because many democratic legislators couldn’t get their acts together. I think Pelosi deserves some blame for not keeping the house democrats more “in-line.” Just look at how much better the Republicans can band together to support some asinine idea, it’s despicable. This also applies to how the stimulus bill was created and managed.

The democrats in congress need to get their acts together, and stop behaving like a bunch of scared children. They have the opportunity to do some real good, so the leadership really needs to step up to the plate—especially Pelosi.

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@gorillapaws So you’re not embarrassed by judging people based on their looks?

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Sounds like my mother. She’s so fucked up she can’t take Michael Moore’s thoughts into consideration because he “dresses poorly and is chubby.”

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She isn’t at home cooking and cleaning and staying shoelessly pregnant.

A lot of people can’t stand a powerful woman, who is tough and can twist arms and get a law enacted that will benefit so many people. Maybe they don’t like how she makes them look stupid and weak. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m just glad she is the Speaker of the House. She will forever be seen as one of the most powerful and effective speakers ever.

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@galileogirl I think it’s perfectly fine to judge a person’s decision to have plastic surgery (except for things like burn victims, cleft palates, breast implants for women who’ve had mastectomies etc.). I think it looks ridiculous, just like hair-plugs look terrible on men. It has nothing to do with a woman in power for me, simply that she’s failed to unite the house democrats effectively and as a result more people are going to suffer than need to.

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…Or they really don’t like her political attitudes and tendencies.
Not every complaint can be boiled down to a deep-seated, politically-incorrect -ism, guys.

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“In this sense the political right’s perception of Ms. Pelosi is similar to the way the left, once upon a time, perceived President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Rumsfeldt, and strategist Karl Rove.”

But is not “Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeldt, and Bush” another expression for “Satan and his minions”?

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So guilt by association? That’s what’s wrong with our asinine system. It assumes two sides are all there is. Does us a great disservice as as a nation.

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I just stumbled upon this.

It blows my mind in 40 hours almost a million dollars was raised to “fire nancy pelosi” but if you asked these same people to donate to a legitimate cause like feeding the poor or something im sure they’d look at you like you have 3 heads.

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@SeventhSense, I don’t understand your reply. Are you intimating that the previous administration actually did associate with Satan?

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No I’m just reading that the right or left simply lumps the opposition together from what you said. If so I concur.

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You could say the same thing about the millions of dollars in campaign contributions that people donate to the likes of Nancy Pelosi. And didn’t Resident Barry rake in record amounts of money with his nebulous “Hope and Change” nonsense?
And what about the LHC? That’s eight billion clams (plus operating costs) that could have been spent on the fight against whirled hunger. Now it’s hurling subatomic particles at each other somewhere in the Alps.

“Feed the poor” is an old, old, old cause, to which many people give very generously. But it lacks the zest, the newness of a “Fire Nancy Pelosi” cause that jives with the sentiments of the millions of people who feel that they have been abused by the House’s recent antics.

If we were talking about a few thousand people lobbing around multiple Ks, you might have some room for outrage. But this is much more likely a case of something less than a million people donating very, very small sums – a dollar or so, perhaps? After all, there are millions of people who do not like Pelosi.

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8 billion is a drop in the bucket. And it serves to advance humanity.
8 billion is less than half of the annual budget of nasa.
8 billion is less than a hundredth of the cost of the 2 pointless and illegal wars you waged/are still waging.
It is a tiny fraction of what you pay for your defence.
8 billion for the LHC is a bargain.

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Congratulations! You’ve successfully missed the point.
Would you like to play again? Y/N

I’m not dissing the LHC, I’m dissing @uberbatman‘s argument.

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@Nullo is pointing out a flaw in @uberbatman‘s argument. Essentially he’s making the case that ”[insert your cause here] is less important than feeding the hungry, there are still hungry people in the world, therefore we should feed the hungry instead of doing [your cause]” is a bogus argument. If we followed this strategy, we’d still be gathering berries off bushes because we didn’t want to take the time from feeding hungry people to learn to make/use spears.

I still think that donating money to attempt to get Pelosi fired is moronic though…

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Nancy Pelosi claims she is devoted to making life better for working poor America. But, Star-Kist is the major employer in “American” Samoa employing 75% of the Samoan workforce. Paul Pelosi, Nancy ‘s husband, owns $17 million dollars of Star-Kist stock.
In January, 2007 when the federal minimum wage was increased from $5.15 to $7.25, Pelosi had “American” Samoa exempted from the increase so Star-Kist would not have to pay the higher wage. This made Star-Kist products less expensive than their competition for three more years. In 2010 when the huge bailout bill was passed, Pelosi added an earmark to the final bill adding $33 million dollars for an ‘economic development” credit for Star-Kist. In October 2010 the minimum wage in “American” Samoa jumped to $6.00 an hour. Star-Kist responded by laying off ⅔ of their workforce and will use their economic development credit to restructure offshore. So, while the majority of the american public was distracted by her wardrobe and annoying personality she was lining her husbands pockets and our proud, gentle, patriotic, hard-working, poor polynesian citizens paid the price.

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If true, that’s disgusting. And I’m a pretty staunch liberal. I don’t ever shop at Walmart for such ethical violations of human rights. Do you have a reputable source for that story? I haven’t heard it.

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The “information” in mercedez’ post apparently comes from a mass email that has been investigated and debunked by several sites. Check these:

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@wildman1950: Thanks for those.

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@wildman1950 Thanks also. The war against mis-information never ends.

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