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Does one hour of vigorous exercise per week (vs none) extend life expectancy by more or less than one hour?

Asked by malevolentbutticklish (2155points) March 23rd, 2010

Obviously 100 hours of exercise per week doesn’t extend life as much as the time you put into it… but does one hour per week? What is the break even point?

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Much, much more.

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I don’t know, but 1 hour is hardly worth bothering with. I try to do a few hours a day. Not to extend life, just to feel good.

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No way to know that for certain. Exercise alone is not an exclusive determinant of longevity.

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“Does one hour of vigorous exercise per week”

I get that masturbating.

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i have no idea, but this is the most lazy question i have ever seen in my life, got to get a great question mark for that. lolz, you made my day.

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I guess if you end up dying of natural causes. Impossible to know for certain though.

I do 1 hour a day.

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Not if you were killed when crossing the road!!

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@zandrace: I would be willing to bet that exercise reduces the risk of dieing from other-than-natural causes. For instance, injury may be reduced among people who exercise properly.

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@partyparty: Of course this question refers to an average.

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@Dibley: I would be very surprised to find that one hour was not worth it. Even twenty minutes of exercise three times per week will put you way ahead of someone with none. Of course more is better but at some point there are diminishing returns. I suspect at three hours per day you may be seeing these diminishing returns. You are likely only marginally fitter than if you exercises only two hours per day.

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One hour a week will certainly contribute to a better quality of life as one hour is better than nothing and could improve flexibility and overall tone. One hour of yoga would be a good choice!

@ChazMaz So that is where you get your Kung Fu Grip from!

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Everyone is different but one hour hardly is enough to make any difference.

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Any exercise is good. One hour per week is still better than 50% of the population. Go for it. It may not extend your life but it will improve your quality of life.

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Any amount of exersize is importaint I myself exersize everyday. Sometimes I take a day off.

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It will indeed….but only really if you are doing it in conjunction with the recommended 30min of light-moderate exercise on most other days.

That is still important.

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Yes, there is a direct one hour to one hour correlation. For every hour a day you exercise, your life expectancy is extended one hour. However, keep in mind that a life expectancy is an actuarial term that refers to a statistical probability, not directed at you personally.

For your own personal life, you will begin to experience the benefits immediately, and if you continue or better yet, increase the amount of exercise, you will be healthier, no matter how much longer you live.

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Every study recommends a different amount per week.
You would be better off doing exercise five times per week; at thirty minutes a day.
I do Aerobics, Yoga and Weights.
I do not always do five times per week.

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