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How do you react when you see a new flavor, type or upgrade to an existing product at the store?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) March 23rd, 2010

For example, say you like Doritos. You’re walking down the chip aisle at the grocery store and you see a brand new flavor (Loaded Pepperoni Pizza~). Do you:

A) Since they’re new, you’d love to give them a try and grab a bag right away
B) Maybe wait on them and see what other people think or if they’ll stick around for a while
C) Don’t bother with them, you like the original flavors and are sticking to them

That’s only a specific example. In general, with new products, what do you think about them? Are you excited and like to try new things or do you wait on them or do you not bother and stick with the original? Do you think some companies produce new type of their product too often or not enough?

Another example would be a new iPhone.

And if you’d like, give an example of something new that you recently tried. How was the experience?

Remember, I am talking about new types of existing products!

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buy it!...if it’s Orbit gum. i buy every new flavor that comes out. not sure why, but it’s like a habit i can’t break.

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@msbauer That’s the same with me and Moutain Dew. They seem to come out with a new flavor 4 times a year and I’ve tried everyone for the past 10 years.

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Usually I’m against it. Why mess with a good thing. I still remember New Coke.

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@Snarp but what about VANILLA coke…genius, no?!

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I hated that they stopped making actual taco flavored chips. Doritos has brought them back and I love them but I just know they won’t stay on the shelves long. Bastards.
And no, I cringe at the thought of everything that has vanilla or cherry in it.
One can say the same thing about body lotions. My god, avacado oil, shea butter, coco butter, coQ10, oatmeal, silk? Wtf? Enough already.

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My rule is I can only buy Ben And Jerry’s as long as they have NEW on the lid.

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Definetly C. I like the American Doritos and if new ones come out I usually go; ”Yuk..” And don’t even bother trying them =P

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There are occasionally different versions of candy bars. It seems like I see them once and then they are gone. The last one I remember was something like a snickers with almonds instead of peanuts, or maybe it was something else. I bought it. It actually wasn’t that different. So I didn’t buy any more. Well, I never saw it again, either.

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@msbauer I wouldn’t know, I never tried it.

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No wait when new drinks come out I love to give them a try =S. Wow weird. Tough one! Depends on the product I’d say

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I recently changed from buying the cheap tomato juice (90c) from my local grocery store and started buying a more sophisticated one (also more expensive (about 1.50)). I can clearly taste the difference, so it was well worth the change!

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oh i do it with yogurts too, ill try any new flavor…i’m really just a novelty-seeker at heart!

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I don’t give exhaustive thought on this kinda thing. If the flavour seems interesting, I’ll pick it up, if not, to Hell with it. Whether I miss out or not don’t change much in my life.

Few nights back I wanted some chips, and all that was left was either regular or ’‘zesty hot chicken wing’’ flavour…grabbed the new flavour, wasn’t bad.

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WTF were they thinking!

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I love trying new products… I am a total glutton for new treats I may find I soon love. If I find the new flavour or product to be unsatisfactory, no love lost, I just don’t buy them again.

Nothing upsets me more, however, than the discontuance of a much beloved product.

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I cheered for people on diets when they finally added flavor to Quaker Ricecakes :)

I almost cried happy tears way back in the day the first time I tasted a Pizza Pringle <3

I’m always excited to try new, entising things

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I love new tastes and products and experiences! I just bought that new 3-in-1 Purex to try.

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I don’t pay any attention to such things. I buy what I have decided in advance I want, and I do the price comparisons with the other products on the shelf. I always buy the lowest price.

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Hmm. Depends. Does it taste like this?

OK, OK. The only time I thought OOOH! over a new flavour of something was for DIet Coke with Lime. And then a few months later, it was gone. :( Otherwise, it depends. I don’t buy a lot of packaged foods and I try to wait now for the “version 2.0” of any gadgets.

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@Chongalicious I have never tasted a Pringles product that wasn’t good, but I never had pizza ones either.

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@Snarp Me neither except for the salt and pepper kind…then again I don’t like that flavor in any brand lol

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