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Do they have adapters for laptops on planes?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) March 7th, 2008

I’ve been on a plane a million times but I’ve never brought my laptop so I never noticed. But I’m leaving for a trip next week.. I’m wondering if I should should spring for a new macbook battery.. It can barely hold an hour

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what kind of MacBook do you have an what do you do on your computer?

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some airlines have outlets at every seat. You should contact the airline and ask.

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@Riser I have a 2ghz Intel Core duo black macbook.. I was gonna watch some movies on it, which would kill my battery in no time.

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my experience was flying intercontinentally with delta, no outlets in economy class, but us airways had. Have a look at to fund out more about the features of the specific plane you will use. I found it quite useful in the past.

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im pretty sure that they don’t but you never know they might try calling ahead of time and find out

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You’re only getting an hour of battery life? Apple’s website offers an adapter for airplane power. I don’t believe it is an official apple product though.

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If you wanted to you could an application such as, Handbreak or MacTheRipper to rip the DVD’s to your hard drive, which would allow you to watch them without using an actual DVD spinning in your optical drive.

Spinning a hard drive takes a fraction of the power.

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