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If you have a great idea for an I-Phone web-ap but no knowledge about web design/SDK what should/can you do?K

Asked by carterooney (15points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I work in an industry where the I-Phone could potentially revolutionize almost every aspect of customer interaction & choice. I have had this idea for years & still no large player has come close to its implementation. The problem is i’m not a tech guy, but Steve Jobs presentation yesterday really got me thinking. Where is a good place for me to share these ideas?

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The only thing i suggest is to sign up for the Apple Developer program (free) and download the SDK (free) for iPhones (hopefully you have a Mac running leopard, because if not it won’t work) and teach your self and play around with everything.

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Starting from scratch could take a you a long time if you’ve no prior programming knowledge. You’d do well to hunt around for a contract programmer who’s demonstrated that they can build OSX applications. That foundation would likely make them a good candidate. Get them to sign and NDA before you interview them :)

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I feel that a distinction needs to be made here.

A web-app is just HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is basically a web page and it isn’t very hard to make one.

A app built with the SDK is like writing a native app for OS X in Objective C. This is significantly more difficult.

If you just need to hit up a database and display information and allow people to edit or add information a web-app would be the way to go. And most people that can build a web page can do that. If you need a app that needs more than what can be done with a normal web page then you would need someone that knows how to program in Objective C.

And I know that doesn’t answer your question but it might help you not waste your time looking for the wrong person for the job.

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you could share your idea with me so that we can start a business together.

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Not that this makes any sense to me but judging on the response above you would need to be able to write a native app for OS X in objective C – can you do this?

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First I would document that you had the idea. Write it down, plan it out on paper. Shouldn’t take you too long. Then start hunting for the help. Date that write-out, btw. Something that can hold up in court. It is just going to take too damn long to learn how to do it all yourself. After thought, once you have a proof of concept up and running, apply for some iFund money.

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Good stuff, thanks for the advice – if it comes to anything I will pay it forward!

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Ideas are easy; execution is hard. And you get paid for the execution, not the idea. You need to either learn to program yourself, pair up with a programmer who will do most of the heavy lifting but still give you half for being the idea guy, hire a programmer, or give the idea away for free.

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