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Who thinks there should be a revolution , to promote free global wifi?

Asked by Johntomo2 (55points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone


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Nothing is “free” that is my only fear.

I believe in Google and Verizon’s efforts and I hope they succeed.

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I do hope that one day internet connectivity becomes as basic as regular cable [the kind that came over the antenna and will be obsolete in 2k9]...

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I don’t. Why would anyone do that?

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that would b so unbelievabley AMAZG!!! Gr8 gr8 idea….

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It would be great, but there’s issues with it. You’d be surpised how many routers you need because of building blockage and the like. Its been considered in NY, i think, but it wouldn’t work yet because there’s too much interference.

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its in the works here in Los Angeles but the same issues apply – routers

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The answer, then, is that we have build a new technology to do what routers cannot.


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no we already have too many people pushing for socialist reforms

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I’m not sure that you know what Socialism is. Fuck it, I should be charged for walking down the street. I should be charged by the company that owns the sidewalk for that particular block. I can pull out my wallet every block to pay the 10 cents. That is fucking efficient. And Sidewalks INC can make a ton of profit off of me needing to go to work.

At some point you have to realize that the Government (Local/State/Federal) can be more efficient at providing basic services. And we have hit the point that the Internet could be placed into the category of essential.

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Also who’s to say elements of Socialism can’t benefit this country? I am not saying adopt socialism but let’s not think in extremes. There are elements of several philosohies that can benefit this country.

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I agree so much, riser, and powell.

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I think its a great idea but I dont see it happening. A couple weeks ago I took my laptop to starbucks for the 1st time and was astounded that they charge for their wireless internet that almost pissed me off enough for me to not want to go back. (too bad I’m addicted to their vanilla chais)

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Some people don’t deal with gray very well.

“You are with us or you are with the terrorist.”

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@riser & johnpowell: Hear hear!

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this country thinks in extremes. You nailed it John

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that would be hard to do
They have sirus radio, sirus tv, next we need sirus Internet

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