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How can I disable dock icon bouncing on Mac OS X?

Asked by bob (3223points) March 7th, 2008

I know how to disable icon bouncing when I’m launching an application, but want to disable icon bouncing when an app wants my attention.

I know I could use Unsanity’s Dock Detox, but I’m hoping there’s a hidden preference I can tweak; I’d rather not install a third-party app.

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You can use Secrets (from the Quicksilver developer) or edit to change the no-bouncing to Yes. To try it out, you can open the Terminal and type:
defaults write no-bouncing -bool Yes

(You’ll probably have to killall Dock to see the changes)

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go to Mac Update and download Onyx-it’s freeware and includes ythat and a whole host of other tweaks for the entire OS…some good dock tweaks I might add.

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