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Good places to stay around Niagara Falls?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1500points) March 23rd, 2010

So someone suggested to drive up to Niagara Falls. Anyone have suggestions on a decent hotel to stay at?

Other things to do besides the falls?

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Niagara on the Lake. Do a little drinky-drinky (wine tasting).

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We went up into Canada and up to Niagara On The Lake which was very nice. The IMAX theater has a couple of nice films. Niagara Falls itself is about as touresty as you can get.

I really enjoyed going to the state park ranger and signing up for a guided hike along valley edge.

In terms of hotels, we just stayed in a place in Niagara itself. It was okay. Nothing to recommend.

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Niagara Falls, NY is a dreadful little town, and I’m surprised there hasn’t been much in the way of tourist development. I was there for a family reunion 2 years ago, and we stayed at some sort of Econo-lodge whose only advantage was that it was across the street from the entrance to the US side of the Falls. For fun, when it wasn’t all family togetherness, the under-40s went to Canada. Even the desk staff recommended that. Bring a passport. When I asked where the nearest Walgreen’s-type place would be, I was advised to take a car there, as walking the half-mile “might not be safe.” o_O

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@aprilsimnel Agree with this. Although I would replace the words “dreadful little town” with the word “armpit” and it would be more accurate.

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My relatives live in NF, NY. They hate it very much. So do I. Go to Canada.
But. If you’re stuck in NF, NY, the one great place there is DiCamillo’s Bakery on… hmm.. I can’t remember the name of the street, but anyone can tell you; and, if Buzzy’s pizza/gnocchi place is still in business, it’s effing wonderful, though they only have takeout.
NF was once intensely southern-Italian, and that’s when it was great.

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Stay on the Canadian side. It doesn’t matter where – anywhere is better than in the NY side.

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