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Repeated Ankle dislocation for 1 month with no Fracture, what to do?

Asked by joscketSeper (323points) March 23rd, 2010


I was reading in the web and it says ankle dislocation with no fracture is rareee.

Well here i am 1 month of having ankle dislocation and pains when shifting weight or springing on my foot like when doing light jumps, normal walking or light running, dancing.

I can’t do nothing because as soon as i do.. my ankle gets dislocated and it hurts alot. Although it doesn’t stay dislocated, it seems like the ball at the side of the foot, goes out of place and then goes back to normal.and it hurts bad!!

Alittle bit about why it might be
-I have weak bones, have had several knees sprains including meniscus tears . I’m healed but i feel stiff and sometimes knee pain so i have been limping from time to time depending on the weather, etc.. that could be one of the reasons my ankle has been getting weaker

-The leg of the foot that is having the problem is bigger than the other(noticeably). So al my life, that’s the leg i favor because it’s stronger. That leg is also longer(that’s why it got stronger cause all the excersice i did in my life impacted this leg and not so much the other).
So i have an imbalance and have favored that leg, so that might be another reason why my ankle has become weak.

BUT anyways
this hurts alot.
what can I do? Is this a common thing that happens? I guess not

I’m male in my early 30’s

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If the joint is dislocating it is also damaging, stretching the tendons, ligaments, hence the repetitive nature of the injury.

I had to have a pin pput in my shoulder for the same reason, repeated dislocations from horse accidents, and other various injuries.

Everytime your ankle dislocates it is stretching and weakening the ligaments.

I was told that because of this that it could get to a point where even just reaching for something, brushing my hair, etc. could cause another dislocation.

This seems to be happening with your ankle and your dancing, excercising. etc right now.

I’d get to an orthopedist and have the situation assessed.

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I agree with @Coloma. You do need to see a doctor so they can take proper xrays and see what is the actual cause of your problem. Plus and othopedic doctor may be able to recommend some shoes to lessen the stress and be able to either offer some exercises to impove your muscles without injuring it further, or suggest surgery. The internet can offer a lot of helpful advice but it can’t see your bones to see what is the real issue.

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I would wear high topped running shoes, too.

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First, I must stress that you must not walk on it if you can help it. A lateral displacement in the ankle of 1mm decreases the surface contact by about 40%, and therefore places a huge amount more strain on the bones in your foot. It sounds like you have weak ligaments and tendons, so displacement would be easy for you.

You should see a doctor, because as I have said many times on here it is often difficult and usually misleading to offer a potential diagnosis over the internet, because most of the clues lie in a physical examination or reading the x-rays. How sure are you that there is no fracture? Have you already had it checked out? Was there a particular event that triggered the first dislocation?

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Well this started happening like 1 month ago, and all i’ve done since then is 1) dance at home for exercise (aerobic dance not salsa or tango) which included jumping and boxing too and some light running in place2) walk during my lunch hour at work

That’s all i’ve done.

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If you have an injury problem with your ankle, then dancing, jumping, boxing and running in place are not going to help it heal but can make it worse. The secret to getting it to heal is to stay off it. That means if you must exercise, do it in a pool or while sitting in a chair.

Another secret to getting such things to heal is going to the appropriate medical specialist to get an accurate diagnosis followed by surgery and/or physical therapy and/or special shoes, orthotics, a brace or a cast.

If one leg is longer than the other you need to get a doctor to prescribe orthotics or special shoes or you will have wicked hip and back problems as you age.

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If your ankle was dislocating, I doubt you could dance, jump, or run. It would be excruciating painful.

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