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What was involved in an incredibly enjoyable evening you had which didn't involve alcohol or sex?

Asked by ucme (50031points) March 24th, 2010

The most fun you had recently without taking your clothes off or getting artificiallly high,drunk.Maybe an evening with friends or family in or out what did the evening consist of that made it so enjoyable.

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Give me more time to think about that one, please

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I started work on a painting for a friend :)

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The summer after 8th grade I went with my mom’s church to Georgia.
We stayed on a farm with a bunch of other youth and worked all week.
Helping people out was great, but the last night we were there, we all went down to the pecan orchard and played capture the flag for hours.

It was pitch black but we had flashlights on the ground to show boundaries.

The flags were dark, so they were hard to find. We stayed out until about 3 AM playing. It was so much fun. We all were scratched up because we kept tripping over roots and running into trees, but oh my. It was so great.
There were people in trees, low crawling across the field and people making insanely fast dashes to try and find the flags.
So so so so so so fun.
I go on nighttime adventures all the time, but this was one of the best.

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Going out to a Greek restaurant in Florida with two couples whom we were good friends with but who didn’t know each other. The conversation and laughter flowed, the mezes were great, and I was gratified that I had predicted correctly that these couples would enjoy each other.

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@josie Yeah I know but they do happen once in a while,I see them as a refreshing change.Rare but good.

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Sewing an outfit for my spatula and eating a box of donuts with my duck.

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Every time I smoke a blunt theres no alcohol or sex involved, but i have a fantastic time.

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My man and I had a lot of fun the other day! We went to Princeton to pick up a bottle of wine. Then we decided to go see Alice in Wonderland at the little theater there. After, we walked back to the car in the rain leaving a puff of smoke in our trail ≠) I don’t remember if we had sex or not that night…

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My daughter and I went to the park the other day and stayed until it got dark, then we came home and cuddled on the couch watching Snow White. :)

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X and viagra…

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@Vunessuh Fully clothed? By the way, Happy Birthday for Saturday have fun.Ahh to be 21 again.

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@ucme Creepy. How did you know it was my birthday? I turned 22 on Monday. And thank you! :) The spatula is fully-clothed. He also has a top hat and a cane.
Edit: Der. Never mind. I remember I answered a question about celebrating on Saturday. :)

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A boom box
A trampoline
A clear starry night
My favorite playlist
and seven Good Friends.

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@Vunessuh That’ll be right,I came across it while reading that thread.Just thought i’d give it a shout out :¬}

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Just sitting on the porch one evening with a friend talking, and watching the silly things your neighbors do. Oh and i think i saw chazmaz helicopter. lol

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Dining with a good friend
Avatar… and dinner afterward
sailing—is always entertaining, and especially at night, alone or with any friends

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Oh man any evening jamming with my two boys. Nothing beats that except one of the 2 prohibited choices! :))

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@jonsblond Now that’s what i’m talking about,chillin with the kids.You got it.

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Just about a year ago I went to see Garrison Keillor at The Paramount. Awesome night!

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@Vunessuh… happy Birthday. hope it was agood one.

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No one tweeted about pooping and Youtube commenters didn’t use profanity derogatory terms on every video they watched.

Only in dream land.

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@CyanoticWasp you sail? Awwww. I want to learn to sail.

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Camping in the back yard with my daughters. Make a fire, a few smores, a game or two of Kick the Can, then ghost stories. Perfect.

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My partner and I stopped drinking almost a month ago and we’ve remarked on how enjoyable our time has been together since then, matched only by a few weeks during a holiday season last year. We most recently ate a homecooked meal, watched some cable, gave each other body rubs and just cuddled in each other’s arms, rubbing noses, murmuring about how good we felt until we fell asleep.

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A campfire at night out in my back yard, star gazing and listening to the owls.

if you would add some wine and some outdoor sex it would have been even better

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My last night in jail I had my favorite meal: s.o.s. shit on a shingle for you youngsters aka chipped beef on toast and warm tap water.

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If you take away alcohol AND sex… I become an entirely boring person. :(

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A few weeks ago, I went to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple months. At first, it was just her, her daughter and me. I got to see how much this little girl has grown up in the few months I haven’t seen her. She’s two and has gotten to the stage where she is super active with everyone around her. She grabbed my hand and dragged me into the other room to watch the shark movie Sharktale with her. She’s also learned to kiss properly which I know because she gave me a big smack on my lips when I picked her up. :) My heart just about melted. Then we left her with her grandmother for about an hour and went walking along the streets and the beach. After that, my friend’s boyfriend came over and I thoroughly approve of him, I had never met him. We shared green tea and tiny donuts. It was a wonderful evening. :)

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I went to an art gallery opening a few weeks ago and had to drive about an hour with some friends. It was a really, really good time.
It did involve alcohol, which didn’t contribute to the fun. But still it was great.

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Just hanging out with good friends, talking, driving around town, enjoying each others company.

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I brought down the house at an improv show. It was so gratifying to know that I have some acting talent when I’m not self-conscious.

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Swimming with my geese in the cold hot tub!

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LSD & the board game Twister…. that was a fun evening :)

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Halloween of last year was incredibly enjoyable. My then four year old granddaughter was in town and I loved getting her dressed up for the “Boo at the Zoo” event. I sent her off with her mom and uncle and I got to have my four month old grandson all to myself for the evening.

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Plenty of talk, cuddles, laughter and love.

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Being part of 100-voice choir for the very first time. It was in March 1984 and we sang the St John Passion by J.S. Bach. Large orchestra. Great soloists. The church was filled with 500 people or so. It was an incredible emotional experience. Almost like an orgasm at times. I’m not kidding. I would never have thought music could do something like this.

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I just enjoyed an increbibly fun evening with my daughter, her boyfriend and her roomate the night before last.
Yep…another hot tub moment…( hmmm…seems that most of my fun is in the water haha )

Beautiful full moon and breezy cloudy night.

We had cocktails and then I brought out the turbo squirt guns and we played ‘shoot the wine glass off your head ’ ( plastic of course! )....lololol

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Eating a home made side ribs in a crock pot with ketchup and brown sugar.

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