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The well worn phrase time flies by when you're having fun, does this ring true to you, why do you think this is the case?

Asked by ucme (50031points) May 25th, 2010

Yeah that’s all really,go right ahead if you wish.

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Haven’t you noticed how quickly the time goes when you’re at a fun event compared to when you are work looking at the clock and the day is dragging by because you don’;t have enough to do?

Yes, it rings true.

I think it because when we are engaged and busy, we are not conscious of the passage of time.

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Maybe because when we concentrate on something, it seems longer, but when you are having fun, you are not concentrating on anything else except the fun stimuli? Our whole life revolves around time and scheduling things, so when we are just not doing something time related, we of course do not care abou the time and forget about it.

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Fun (personal and particular though it be) is something that we want to persist. So it might be that we forget or ignore the passage of time while we are in a fun state of mind or activity.
Drudge (equally personal and particular) is something that we want to end as soon as possible.

One of my much loved hobbies is gauging insect velocities down a length of glass tubing.
For me, time flies when I time flies.

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@lloydbird Ooh you funny bugger.

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@lloydbird LOL :-)
@ucme definitely true. Anybody who has ever watched the clock drag its way round the last half hour of their shift at work will agree. Why does that last half hour last as long as the rest of the day?
hugglys xx

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@bunnygrl Yeah it’s like you’re in a time warp (no singing please I hate that bloody song) Time moves in mysterious ways for sure.

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@ucme Oh no!! now you’ve done it!! I now have that bloody song in my head, and I shall probubly dream of Tim Curry chasing me about the place in sussies and a basque!! Of course I’d much rather dream of dear Alan reading me poetry because I’m a delicate wee thing recovering from a nasty chill. <sighs> Yes, thats what I’ll concentrate on, never know your luck and all that, if Mr Rickman isn’t busy maybe he’ll pop by my dreams for a sonnet or two :-)
nighty night huggles everyone xx

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It is because you are living in the present moment, fully involved in the now.

Most of the time the vast majority of people are stuck in their minds, mulling over the past, pining for future, not here now.

Being in the no is living in a state of timelessness, and timelessness is timeless. lol

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True. If you are focusing on what you are doing now, you loose track of time. You are doing something you enjoy. When the time comes to stop, you think no time passed, since you were focused on your current actions. Nothing else.

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Time is an illusion. Imagine if you had to think about sleeping for your 8 hours or whatever it maybe. It is all in your head.

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Think it is because you are absorbed in what you are doing, so you are not aware of time.
On the other hand, just one minute sitting in the dentists waiting room, knowing you need a filling, seems like two hours!!

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