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What does it mean when you dream about a boyfriend?

Asked by CloudXDream (71points) March 24th, 2010

Ive been going out with this guy for a month now (it will be a month tomorow actually) and last night I had a dream that me and him were sitting on my coutch watching Nightmare Before Christmas. I had fallen asleep on his arm. After I woke up he was staring at me then kissed me lightly on the lips. After that I woke up. What does it mean?

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Probably just means you had a nice dream; could just be your subconscious saying “I think he likes me!” or “I’m comfortable with him around” wouldn’t read too much more into it than that.

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It means you don’t have such good taste in movies.

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I agree with @wonderingwhy . It was a good dream, but don’t read to much into it. The things that happen between you and this guy in the waking world will have much more impact on your relationship than anything you could dream.

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aw, I remember loving nightmare before christmas. I was a kid, but it was one of my favorites at a time.

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Any time anyone has a dream about anything it always means the same thing every time:
Ask Fluther about it.

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I means youre probably sixteen?

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No im actually 13 lol

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In that case, dream away, sweetie.

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That is a nice dream.That is just that.A nice dream :)

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He’s more then a memory.

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That is a nice dream….enjoy it and have fun.

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Dating at 13 seems awfully young to be dating dating. Your dream is one of many to come as you begin to experience the roller coaster ride of emotions and your emerging hormones and desires.

Heady stuff for such a young age. Don’t rush things, you are still a kid and enjoy the freedom and carefree nature of being a kid…you will be an adult soon enough.

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She didn’t ask for a lecture on when is appropriate to begin dating, she just asked what her dream meant.

Just sounds like a nice, pleasant dream to me. I agree w/ most of the others—just take it for face value and enjoy it, don’t read too much into it. Most dream psychologists seem to think that dreams are more about the feelings and emotions we experience during them than the actual events portrayed in the dream. Sounds like you had some nice feelings regarding you and your bf. Good for you.

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It’s not going to work out.

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I find the movie choice interesting. Nightmare is about a character who discovers a culture unknown to him, explores it, obsesses over it, attempts to assimilate it into his own worldview, faces obstacles and eventually comes full circle back to appreciating his own worldview. Perhaps you will do some exploring of your own, whether it be within yourself, in relationships or in lifestyles.

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