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How to motivate yourself?

Asked by vraymondcs (89points) March 25th, 2010

I don’t know… I just feeling lost in my own life.

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If I’m able to get my ass out to exercise (which can be a struggle sometimes), afterward, I feel rejuvenated. Then I’m also more focused and raring to get things done. That’s how it works for me, anyway.

For me, exercise is like a happy pill that I take (do) , when I’m feeling blue or lack a little motivation, it helps.

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I find myself asking the very same question pretty much every morning. I get out of bed and get going, and find things my inner voice tells me need to be done. Since I am the one who stays home while my Son is at school and my Wife is at work. I got the job of maintaining this monster of a house for them to come home to. I guess for me, when you boil me down to the last bit of me there will be nothing left but a man’s love for his family. That keeps me going. It is different for everybody, and everybody has to go through a period of introspection to find that one little thing that gives you a reason to move forward.

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Good question! I am on vacation next week, and I know I will be fighting the need to work on repairing the backyard fences.

Don’t be afraid to bribe yourself. “If I get this done, I will go buy that DVD I want.”

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@vraymondcs The easiest way my friend?

Make a list, check it twice, make sure you know if you’re naughty or nice…

Seriously – you know what you need to do. If you make a list – you just need to get it done. Once you see the results and good things start happening – you’ll be motivated naturally.

Results my friend, are the greatest motivators.

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I didn’t want to get up and exercise this morning. At all. Then I remembered that I always feel better after I exercise.

You can’t hang on to the moment that you feel unmotivated in. No matter how you feel, you have to do the next right thing, which in this case for me was to go outside and run. Later on, it will be to write. I always feel better after I’ve done some writing on my project. I will always feel better speaking to someone at that networking thing. I will always feel better after writing that email to someone I need to get in touch with. I will always feel better after calling that older relative to see how she’s doing (and she will too). No matter how “boring” it sounds, no matter how “scared” I might be, no matter how “unmotivated” I might be in that moment.

Results, just as @Idknown says.

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I am very much a procrastinator and am familar with the struggle for motivation. Its been mentioned, but to-do lists are helpful for me. When a task/goal is written down, it is easier to focus on it as well as what exactly you will have to do to get it done. The to-do list should not be overwhelmingly long or detailed. I find that checking off what’s been completed or goals that have been met as I go along brings satisfaction and helps build motivation. If it something more long term I am working on, I try to keep a list of all that I have succeeded in accomplishing every day. If it is a chore type thing I need to get and maintain motivation for, it helps to stay with it until I have completed it. If I take too long of a break or decide I can finish it another day, procrastination will usually set back in.

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By removing obstacles that hinder motivation. Create a (long) list of obstacles. Then create a plan to deal with them one after another.

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Just get one little thing done. It’ll be easier than you thought and you’ll feel good about yourself.

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Just do it! It won’t get any easier than right now!

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