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Who would be the ideal replacement for Alex Trebek?

Asked by cockswain (15271points) March 25th, 2010

Eventually he’ll retire. Who would be the best replacement?

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Me. I’ve been following Jeopardy for over 40 years, I love trivia and I’m not even half as pompous as Alex.

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Christopher Lee

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Frakking anyone. I’ve literally been hating that guy my entire life.

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@Astro Chuck would be so much cuter. And more respectful.

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@Seek_Kolinahr WHAT??!?!! You’re banned.

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Me. Seriously.

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Art Fleming

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I wasn’t aware that ANYONE could hate Alex Trebek! :(

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Ken Jennings

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For some reason I always get this overwhelming urge to buy some life insurance from Colonial Penn whenever I watch Jeopardy!

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Al Franken or Bill Maher.

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@augustlan- I’d prefer Al Franken stay doing what he’s doing currently.

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David Duchovny. I’d never miss an episode.

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@AstroChuck Ok, you do have a point. I just love a smart and funny man. :)

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Why, thank you.

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Glen Beck

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Alex Trebek is a pretentious A-hole who talks condescendingly to every contestant on the show – like he’s not reading everything off the damned cards.

I’ve heard that it often takes hours to tape a single episode solely because of all of Trebek’s mispronunciations.

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He’s a lovable, stately, nerd.

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David Duchovny.

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Ken Jennings.

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