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Should I feel hurt...

Asked by ducky_dnl (5384points) March 25th, 2010

I thought I had made friends at the gym my family goes to. Today was my first basketball game I ever watched. The people who I thought were my friends turned on me. I have five guy friends from the team, and today I gave them each a friend hug. Well, there is a girl named Nisha who I thought was my friend. She told one of my supposed friends that I said “I knew him his whole entire life.” He came up to me and was like “did you say you knew me my whole life?” and I said “No, I didn’t.” Nisha then was like “ooo, stop your lyin’, yes you did.” My supposed friend agreed with her, called me a liar and then a b****. Then they started making comments like “do you want Javi’s dick in you?” and “Yes, you do. You want him dick dickin you.” I felt so hurt that I was starting to trust these people. I think they are trash. I also got hit with my flip flop. Nisha’s brother jay picked up my shoe, threw it and hit me dead in my mouth. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. I hate the people now. I hate Javi, Nisha, Jay, all of them. I shouldn’t hate Javi because he didn’t do anything, but they spoke 1,000 words for him. What should I do? I feel like these ‘animals’ are dragging me into their stupid drama. Also, I was hurt because I liked my friend Alen, and he told me he wasn’t a virgin, etc. Unlike these people I hate now, I have morals. My mom says it was a form of sexual harassment because they kept making me uncomfortable. I mean saying things like “Are you going home to masturbate thinking about Javi?” and When I went out to see my mom… she was playing tennis. Well when I went out the coach was like “So, Sarah how are things with Javi?” This guy was a grown man doing it. I just feel humiliated.

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Just feel really happy that it happened now, and realize how much time you didn’t waste by realizing they are “animals” sooner rather than later. Doesn’t sound like you’ll be missing much. Sorry you had to go through this :(

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They are very disturbed kids acting out in your direction, but it’s not about you. It’s natural to be disappointed to learn that people you hoped would be good new friends are messy people. They aren’t animals or trash, but there is something seriously wrong with them and not having anything to do with them, and telling adults what’s going on in detail is very appropriate. I would tell my mom all the details. She’s quite right it is sexual harassment.

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You just posted like yesterday about these people. Why do you keep seeking them out if you don’t like their company? Stop hanging out with them already!!!

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@lilikoi has it right. Steer clear of this crowd.

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They are bad…...dont go there. That tennis coach is an idiot as well.
You dont deserve tht kind of stuff.

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I can understand how it’s hard to maybe ditch this crowd completely at first, especially if you don’t have many friends at this gym. But definitely seek other companions. Maybe you can play tennis with your mom, or see if a close family member or friend your age wants to go with you every now and then. That way you can do an activity not involving this mean crowd in a different section of the gym. Or maybe you could show up to the gym on the days you know they won’t be there. Good luck! And stay positive! You will find positive people to be friends with sooner or later :)

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Ditch em, they’re horrible friend, you can do better.

On a side note “I also got hit with my flip flop.” best sentence I’ve ever read

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Maybe don’t be hugging freely. You said in your last thread you didn’t like them hugging you. Hugging can be misinterpreted. Thank gawd I’m old and can hug where I want. And there’s always gonna be a bitch around, school, work, play.

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Go to a differnt gym and stop seeing these people

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Honey I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this, but as our fellow jellies above have said, they’ve done you a favour really by showing their true colours this early. I was friends with three people, I mean really close friends, for over 20 years before I found out that they were two faced users out for what they could get from me. Just try, as much as you are able, to avoid these people sweetheart, If your mum goes to the gym, go with her. You’ll make other friends, really you will, and these people are not even worth your contempt. Don’t waste any more time or effort on them. You do have to tell an adult everything though and keep doing that, you mum would be perfect, because no one on this earth loves you as much, or will fight your corner as readily, as your mother. This kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable and needs to be put a stop to. If, however, you really don’t want confrontation with these people, for example if its likely to make things worse, then just try to avoid them altogether. Steer clear of places where you know they’ll be, but you really have to tell an adult, ok? You need an adult in your corner. Keep smiling honey, you are better then these people. They are obviously just unpleasant silly little children who are acting out, and you are acting far more grown up than they are. hugs xx

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No, if anything you should feel relief that such jackasses are no longer part of your life; stop wasting valuable time thinking about them and move on to something important, like painting your toe nails or twiddling your thumbs. Seriously, sucks you had to deal with that, but it’s over, and they’re clearly not worth the time it even took to type the question. As to Javi, frankly, while he may not have said anything, he should’ve stood up and put a stop to it, he didn’t, to me that says he’s not worth the waste of energy to even bother hating. As to the adult, just from the quote, you may have misinterpreted what he said or be presuming knowledge he doesn’t have. If not, then that pretty much makes him no less a jackass and no more worth your time than the rest of them. Bottom line, some people are just jerks, but it’s not about them, it’s about how you deal with it and become better for it.

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