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Should I text my boyfriend first, or let him text me first?

Asked by laurenleigh7321 (20points) March 26th, 2010

I just really want to talk to him but I dont want to seem desperate. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been kind of needy these days…

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Depends… many times have you text-ed him already?

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If you have to ask, don’t send anything.

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How about you text him: “It’s not like i am desperate, but i really want to talk with you.”

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I havent texted him at all today

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Just do what you feel like doing, simple as that.

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I’m old school. I was taught that girls didn’t call boys. (we didn’t have texting)
It’s probably different nowadays, but I would still say that it’s best to let him contact you first.
but what do I know?

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Just wait for him to text you and back off a little so it shows that you can be cool about everything but after about a week or two text him but with like something casual but flirty.

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If you have a legitimate reason to text him, then text him. If you just want to text for the sake of texting him, then you should probably not.

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Let him text you. See how bad he wants to talk to you.

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No games, sweetie! There is no point in misrepresenting yourself to delay the inevitable.

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Is he your boyfriend or is he your crush? If he’s your boyfriend, you should be able to text him without worrying about it. If he’s just a crush, maybe back off and wait a bit.

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In any relationship even a friendship communication should not be an issue, If you need to talk to him then just call him.

Even with the wife at work there are times when we are planning a party of setting up a group of friends to travel and have talked as many as two dozen times in one day and add texting on top of that.

Don’t worry about it- If your BF- GF committed and it’s really important then just call him _on the phone- _don’t text!

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Do what you want. If he doesn’t like it for some reason, you guys can discuss it.

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That depends on how long you’ve been dating. If it’s a new relationship, wait for him to text you first. But if you’ve been dating for a long time, then go ahead and text him, because you’ve probably reached a certain level of comfort in which it is OK to keep in contact frequently.

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I’d worry about more important things.

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—It’s important to her.

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Is he your boyfriend? But you don’t think he wants to hear from you? What kind of boyfriend is that?

If he’s your boyfriend then text him. If he thinks you’re too needy, the relationship is over already and there’s nothing you can do about it. He’ll figure it out sooner or later. Just be yourself and talk to him. That’s all you can do. Don’t try to pretend to be someone you are not. It won’t work. You don’t want a boyfriend who doesn’t want you to be you.

If you just want a trophy boyfriend, then by all means, wait until he calls. But you’re missing out on finding the real deal, if you waste time on someone like that.

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A great classic Fluther question!

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Here’s a solution: How about neither of you text.

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