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Need May Dance dress before May 21st, any good ideas?

Asked by Marrina123882 (9points) March 26th, 2010

The May Dance is May 21st and I need a really cute dress because it’s the most formal dance of the year. The dress can be formal or semi-formal, perferably black, dark blue, or hot pink not pastel pink, and can have any kind of straps or can be strapless. Need help please and please make it fast because I need the dress before May 21st!.!.!.!

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Is there a reason why you can’t just go to the mall? We don’t know your size, body shape, or taste. And since when do they have formal dances in junior high?!

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Can I just say… May 21st is my birthday, and even I know there’s plenty of time. Have you not seen anything you like in shops? With formal wear, it’s nice to know what it looks like on before you buy it. You even have time to sew something, if that’s your thing.

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