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Should Fluther put timestamps on the posts?

Asked by RandomMrAdam (1655points) March 26th, 2010

Sometimes I like to pop into old discussions, and would like to know the date/time that someone replied to a question to see if the discussion is still fresh. What say everyone else on Fluther? Any drawbacks to this idea?

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There already are. You need to hover the cursor over the permalink for a second.

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Ah nice, as you can see by my lurve, I am rather new :)

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I think it is important only when I search and find OLD answers that may not be that current. I think it will be good idea to add it and write like in Facebook “1 month ago” or “1 year ago” something like that.

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Just having it printed where the permalink is would be a small improvement.

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And the format ” Days ago, hours or minutes”...

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I wrote up a quick greasemonkey script that makes it so the permalinks are always visible. It can be downloaded here.

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This question has been brought up several times in the past and the majority of people posting stated that showing a time stamp with all the information would clutter up the already neat, organized, and appealing view of the pages as they exist now. The permalink does what it needs to do without being obtrusive and making pages unattractive.

For those that would like this option though, hats off to @johnpowell for providing a nice little install for it. Very cool.

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As @Bluefreedom says, this has been a big issue here in the past. Here is the original thread which caused such a brou ha ha.

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I just wanted to add that knowledge, unlike milk, does not have an expiration date.

Just because a question is older it does not mean that you cannot learn from it or help others by answering it.

Remember that Fluther questions come up in Google searches.

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I would like to see the date.

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Somewhere JackAdams is smiling right now.

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What about just have a way to control if I want to see dates or not.
Like account settings? Make them visible, true of false. This can solve the big problem.

Fluther should had more account settings that enable to do even more like: Send me e-mail when I get new answer or don’t.

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@Ranimi23, you do have a way to control it, as @johnpowell explained above. Roll your cursor over it if you want to see it. The rest of the time it just stays out of your way.

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