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You are what you eat.. or are you?

Asked by mollypop51797 (1430points) March 26th, 2010

Ok, here is a question that can be part serious and part funny. We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat”. Well.. do you think it’s true? Let’s put it to the test! Ok.. so here’s my question. (My main example for the quote will be chips) When you eat chips, do you start with the big pieces or the little pieces?

I go for the little, whereas most of my friends eat the big ones first. I don’t know why I seem to go for the little ones first, but I just thought that I could raise the question upon my fellow jellies. So my first question to you is, which ones do you go for first?

My second question is, do you think this means anything? Are you really what you eat? Does what you eat reflect upon your personality? Does anyone seem to agree with me or is it just silly?

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Crumbs fall to the bottom of the bag, and they’re not dippable unless I want dip under my nails (yuck!). I stick with whatever’s on top and work my way down.

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I don’t eat chips. They make my sphincter crawl.

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Big first.I don’t think it means much…or does it????? :)

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Whatever is on top.

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@lucillelucillelucille OMG – You’re so fucked up!

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O.K. – we need to get more specific here. are you talking American “chips” as in potato “crisps” or English “chips” as in “French fries?” So much depends on the answer.

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Do any of the chips look like Abraham Lincoln? That’s the one I kill first.

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oops, I would never have thought about this…now, what is my preference? ...seriously I don’t really know, maybe I just grab any piece that is there – I don’t think I actually pick out the pieces.

Maybe next time when I eat chips I would pay attention, but I might never remember to do that…

Does it tell someone’s personality? I guess I would seldom make a judgement based on things like this.

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I’m talking american chips. Crunchy.. usually greasy… round, triangular.. lightly salted.. comes in different colors.. but then if I were talking about french fries.. then I could raise another question…

Do you go for the big plump ones, the small crunchy ones, salt or no salt, plain or with ketchup (or anything else)

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Not fat, but not the crunchy ones, either. Soft! Yum :)

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