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this has been the coldest winter in 100years how does global warming make that happen anyone know the science behind it all

Asked by oneye36 (305points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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It’s about global dimming. Watch the “nova” television program from PBS titled “global dimming.” It’s fascinating and soils its scientific DNA all over Gore’s nobel prize.

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In 1997 it was colder in Oregon at this time of the year. Proof that global warming is true. It is super warm now.

Do you get what I am saying? Anecdotal evidence is bullshit.

It is global. A 2% increase in temperature in Greenland can affect the climate in the UK.

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no the world as a whole has been colder this year than in 100 I’m in minnsota we have had 26 days below 0 its 30 degree below the average today

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Its really not all about it getting warmer. Its about it starting to ‘break the rules’.

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who’s rules

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Conventional weather’s rules. It becomes less predictable, ultimately. Less regular. More extreme.

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or could it be a patern

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I don’t think Minnesota’s weather speaks for the entire planet.

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I’m not just talking about minnsota how about china

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“global warming” is a misnomer, most scientists refer to it as the “climate crisis”. Getting warmer is one of the effects, but so is getting colder. Basically the weather is getting more extreme; hotter in summer, colder in winter, and with greater weather-related events (hurricanes, wind storms, blizzards, droughts)... Ah yes, fun times we will be living through for our collective stuborness.

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It depends where you live I guess. This winter has been warmer than any I can remember where I am.

However, I am still not convinced by the whole climate change debate. My 30 year memory…or even the whole of recorded weather history… is so relatively tiny compared to Earth’s existence that I don’t think we can be certain of anything.

We could easily find that greenhouse gases actually cause cooling after more research in a decade’s time.

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There is no debate any longer. Human activity is altering the climate. Period.

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so to save the planet we just need to kill the humans

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“Climate change” is a more accurate term than “global warming” ... overall the earth’s temperature is warmer but changes in weather patterns, winds, ocean currents, etc. can lead to colder temperatures, more extreme storms, all kinds of different things depending on where you live. Meteorologists can’t even get the weather right 3 days ahead of time, why do you think scientists would be able to accurately predict how climate change will affect every part of the earth?

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@oneve36, that appears to be the conclusion the planet is coming to as well.

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Overall, the average temperature is increasing, thus, “global warming”; but in some places the temperature is decreasing. Most of the warming is at the poles, which is causing problems for the polar ice.

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the poles have refrooze

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I’m not even going to take this one. Someone else can.

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@delirium: none so blind, etc.

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