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what animal has the most hair in the world?

Asked by HalleyHomicide (7points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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This is one of those questions that can’t be answered without more details.

Could you please define, “most hair?”

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I would think a whale sense its the biggest

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I know beavers have an incredibly dense hair that not only keeps them warm when swimming under frozen ponds, but more importantly, dry.

Sea otters are in the same category.

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This random girl my bestfriend hooked up with last night.

I told him he should tag her ear to track her travel patterns.

He was not amused.

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@Patrick Bateman… Thank You for that, too funny!

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I’m pretty sure it is my 120# yellow lab (Finneghan) after he rides in my truck with the dark gray interior.

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I looked into it a little more. Turns out the animal with the densest fur is the chinchilla, with about 60 hairs in each follicle. The animal with the longest hair is the musk ox, although humans can grow their hair longer than any animal.

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my roommate…you should see his back-hair. gnarly.

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what animal has the most hair in the world?

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