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Why is my Sony Mavica lagging so before it snaps the picture? Do I need a new camera?

Asked by anartist (14781points) March 27th, 2010

It is slow at all light levels and all levels of battery charge, only slowER at low light levels. It is several years old. If it is a problem of age, what is a good digital camera for fast “shutter” speeds? Both low-end and high-end.

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Could it be auto-focusing? I know on my old Canon, when pressing the button to take a shot, there is a moment of delay to quickly refocus in case I may have moved. As for good digital cameras. I am actually in the market for a nice one. I don’t buy low end because you will end up paying for repairs or replacements. Right now I am deciding between the Canon D7 & the Nikon D90. Both very good cameras, I just can’t make up my mind.

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@rpmpseudonym It is also autofocussing not as well as it did. More often I get out-of-focus shots. [of course my eyes aren’t quite what they used to be either – lol]

How are they for speed especially6 under low light conditions?

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Shutter speeds:

Canon 7D

Shutter Type – Vertical-travel, mechanical, Electronically-controlled, focal-plane shutter
Shutter Speed – 1/8000 to 1/60 sec., X-sync at ½50 sec.
1/8000 to 30 sec., bulb (Total shutter speed range. Available range varies by shooting mode)

Nikon D90

Shutter Type – Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Shutter Speed – ¼,000 to 30 s in steps of ⅓ or ½ EV, Bulb

ISO- (light sensitivity)—————————————————————

Nikon D90

ISO 200 to 3200 in steps of ⅓ EV, can also be set to approx. 0.3, 0.7 or 1 EV (ISO 100 equivalent) below ISO 200, or to approx. 0.3, 0.7 or 1 EV (ISO 6400 equivalent) over ISO 3200, ISO sensitivity auto control available

Canon 7D

Automatically set, ISO 100–6400 (in ⅓-stop or 1-stop increments)
Basic Zone modes: ISO 100–3200 set automatically
Extension settable (with C.Fn.I 3–1): ISO 12800
High Tone Priority settable: ISO 200–6400

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@rpmpseudonym maybe I should ask about autofocus speed since this may be the problem

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You may have a setting in your camera called something like “Release Priority”.

If so, your choices will be “Shutter” or “AF (focus)”.

If it is set to “Shutter”, the camera will shoot regardless if the subject is in focus or not.

If it is set to “AF”, the camera will not shoot until it has a precise focus lock.

You may think it is in focus, but the camera doesn’t. So in “AF” mode under “Release Priority”, it may just be hunting for focus on a moving subject.

Low light situations are also a problem. Look for another setting called something like “AF assist beam”. That should be turned on. The camera will send out an infra-red beam that lands on the subject. It has a pattern on it that the camera can see and helps it focus easier. You will not see this beam unless it is very dark. It shuts off just before the photo is taken.

Point and Shoot cameras also have a notoriously long “Shutter Lag”. Sometimes taking the photo ½ second after you actually press the button. There is nothing that can be done about this except for upgrading to another camera. Look in the specs for “Shutter Lag” timing specifications before buying a new camera.

Most specs and comparisons can be found at DPReview

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I’ll check, but I think my camera may be too old for that.

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