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Does using meaningful words as part of the Http link helps to get more Google search results of that link? Why is that?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) March 27th, 2010

What I mean is this: In for eample, the link to each question has meaningful words of that question. Question like “What is your name?” will be at a page with this http link:

Why is that? Does the words in the link help to search engines and if someone will search “what is your name” he will be getting this link more?

What if the question is in another language, will it be good to use the question words as a link, it means the link start with english words and ends in another language.

It doesn’t have to be question, it may be just an article. Why it is better to do that?

If this is a good thing to use in website, I may be using it. Just don’t know how this is being kept in DB.

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It goes according to key words, yes. The search engine crawls the web, looking for the key words you input. The stronger the search engine, the deeper the search. Some serch engines use other search engines to cast a broader net. There’s one that uses (I think) 17 smaller search engines. The more specific your words in relation to each other, the closer your results you get back that match your search.

Are you aware that quotation marks are the most specific way to get dead-on hits? Do you know how to do a Boolean search?

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Is it true that the first three links on any google search result are rogue sites?

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It has every thing to do with relevancy. Over 500 algorithims, 350 of which are tweaked every year. However relevancy, and speed seem to be 2 of the largest % dominators within the algorithum

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these terms will be searched by google, but to really improve ranking, i think the better strategy is to build out relevant sub-domains. fluther seems to be using the strategy more as a default because of the amount of questions being asked, it would be impossible for them to keep building out sub-domains.

what might be a good strategy for fluther (and this is just speculation) is if they were to build out sub domains on their most popular subjects and try to sub-categorize the questions accordingly.


this strategy gives not only relevancy, but also authority, another important part of ranking. (authority is why you see domains like ranking relatively high in competition with microsoft)

these are just ideas, i am no technical master, but i would love to hear what others think on this.

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@malthauser 10x, this is very interesting!

What I can see in google about sub-domains is if you have lots of them, than google make a map-links for your site and in search you get one result with more links like: – link
and all sub-links will be as list like:

Ask Fluther – link
Computers – link
Cars – link

They just stores the list of all sub-domains.

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