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How does the 6th sense (in animals) work?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) March 8th, 2008
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I was at a red light behind a big pickup full of obnoxious barking dogs. They seemed panicked, immediately after I thought “panic” a Mercedes smashed into an SUV next to us, immediately the dogs barking ceased.

I wholeheartedly believe that those dogs sensed the accident, before it happened. I can’t explain how but I had this eerie feeling, upon noticing the barking dogs, that something as coming.

Could it be there are certain vibrations of fear that are so strong they let of a signal that transcends time? Perhaps on the same frequency as an earthquake?

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I believe that what is percieved to be the sixth sense has a scientific explanation that we have not yet even stumbled upon. After all, our anscestors believed sickness to be bad spirits… and we uncovered them to be a whole new world of microorganisms.

This coincides, by the way, with my belief that G-d created the world and that we are catching up to his knowledge and discovering all the little things He has done. I cannot wait until we truly understand Time… or quarks… and I wonder if He’ll permit us to create sustainable clones…

But I digress.

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In my opinion humans have desensitized everything, and are no longer in living with nature. We are evolving ourselves against nature. Animals, on the other hand, continue to evolve with nature. Riser makes a really good point about the dogs. It’s almost like most animals are a better judge of character, than most people, too. I know my comment doesn’t make much sense, but there you go.

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Thanks squirbel I can always count on you.

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Define a sixth sense scientifically. Much of what we call a sixth sense is really one of the other five working at a level that we cannot observe directly. Many animals communicate via infrasound or ultrasound, and we cannot hear it. Yet before we knew about these forms of communication, we had no idea how some of these animals were communicating with each other. Enter the Deus ex machina.

There are anecdotes about animals fleeing areas in proximity to water just before tsunamis and hurricanes – this phenomenon could be attributed to an ability to sense drops in atmospheric pressure.

Occam’s Razor, people.

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