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What adverts in television really annoy you?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) March 28th, 2010 from iPhone

We have here in England and ad for a company called Go, and the adverts are so stupid I just wish I could throw something at whoever thought it up !!
I find that there are just so many “stupid” adverts on nowadays as opposed to ads that actually tell you about the product that one wonders about the effectiveness of TV advertising?
What ads annoy you?

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Almost all of them lol. Some are outrigh rediculous and have little to do with the products they are selling.

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I hate adverts!!!!!! I wish it was just like some movie channels where there aren’t any ads.Grrr…

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Ocean finance are pretty bad…

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Mostly ads aimed at women. There is presumption of naivety and gullibility. Hair products with a ludicrous range of additives that have no bearing on hair hygiene (hair cannot “absorb” vitamins”). Ads aimed at people with poor credit ratings (if they have a poor credit rating the last thing that they need is more high interest credit) and the late night advertorials.

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You left out volume control. i was watching a drama movie on one of the cable channels the other night. the volume of the movie was very low. when it came time for a commercial, the volume on the commercial was 5 times louder than that of the movie. i could not reach for the mute button quick enough. i am sure this is an intentional act by advertisers and the cable company to “attrack our attention”. do they not realized that the majority of the viewers grab for their remote and hit the remote button? this is defeating the whole purpose of the commercial. if i cannot hear it, i will not buy it.

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Theres laws coming out in Britain so that ads are not disproportionaly loud as compared with the main program.
Looking forward to it becoming law – and your correct at saying it was deliberate on the part of the advertisers that this situation ever arose in the first place, someting to do with allocating bandwith.

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Insurance commercials. Particularly Geico and Progressive.

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About everything involving propaganda.

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compare the market dot com.That is so silly

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Political ads. I can’t stand the voice-overs, the nastiness, and most of all the intentional misrepresentation. They all do it, so I just FF past them all.

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The ones that stick out in my mind are the Mac “Switch” ads. I like Macs as computers and honestly think more people should use them. However, you’re not going to sell me a Mustang by insulting the custom Hot Rod I built myself.

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All of them.It’s one of the reasons why I rarely watch tv.

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I love how they make toilet paper seem like a big deal.

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@Sandydog – There is a bill in front of the U.S. Congress right now regarding volume control. I hope this is something they can all agree on!

Specific ads I can’t stand right now are the singing fish for McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish and a local bank commercial.

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More than don’t.

Incoming rant.

Body care products are among the most horrible. So much pseudoscience.
For example, who dreamed up that there’s any point in putting vitamins in shampoo? It just goes down the drain. It doesn’t enter your system. There could be arsenic in your shampoo and it wouldn’t matter.
And if you put an ointment with silk extract on your skin, it will become as soft as silk? That sort of reasoning stopped making sense centuries ago.

Lottery advertisements are even worse. Some of those are just vile, deliberately giving gullible people false hope that all their dreams can come true and they can get out of all their troubles instantly. For every single person for whom that works out, there are a few million who only get deeper in trouble by looking for such a quick and easy way out instead of holding on to their money and facing their problems.

Money loaning advertisements are much like that, telling us we don’t have to worry about being able to afford what we want, we can just loan some money. It’s okay, because everybody does it.
But falling for those is more expensive and usually the first step into financial trouble instead of just part of a self-sustaining vicious cycle.

Then there are advertisements that pretend to be spontaneous conversations between normal people. That’s just an insult to your intelligence. Who do they think they’re fooling? We all know those are actors reading a scripted dialogue aloud.

And have you noticed how commercials for cars are hardly ever actually about the car any more? Usually they’re just a cool animation about a dancing robot that turns into a car, or a running man “evolving” into a speeding car, or a single coloured car driving around a city in black and white where nobody else moves, or whatever.
It’s neat, of course, but that only says something about whoever designed the animation. The message it conveys to me is that all cars are all the same by now and the producers’ only hope of supremacy is just to catch your attention with something irrelevant.

At least that’s what they’re like here, anyway. But car companies are international, so I presume everyone gets the same commercials too.

Yeah, advertisements annoy me too.

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I grab a book when ads come on. I tune the ads out and read. My parrot Rudy, has different ideas. He drops what he’s doing to catch the Progressive commercials and laughs hysterically at Flo. Now,that’s annoying.

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Advertisements for drugs are annoying yet surprising, since they must tell you all the possible side effects. The first time I heard that, I thought it was a joke. They can barely fit in the list of what bad can happen to you if you take their advertised product.

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Yeah, Body Care products because I’m in that business and I hate all the BS. Mascara ads. for example…. No WONDER the average girls are bad at science and math if they’re fed that drivel all their lives on TV and in magazines. ‘Makes your lashes 2000x longer!’ PAAA LEEZZ.

We don’t get drug company ads here and our political ads are restricted to a degree, but when I visit the States, they are horrendous.

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All of them. Just look at any commercial and they all target the inane qualities of our lives almost mocking them with really bad humor as that is what will make a commercial “memorable”.

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Anything that starts with ”HI BILLY MAYS HERE

You’re dead! Stay dead!

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Ohhh probally Head-On.

Head-On apply directly to your forehead,
Head-On apply directly to your forehead,
Head-On apply directly to your forehead,
Head-On apply directly to your forehead,
Head-On apply directly to your forehead,
Annoyed yet?

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I count myself lucky for not to have to put up with Billy Mays and Head-On.

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The one on Lifetime for some brand of tampon that ends with “Have a happy period.” What?!?!?!!?

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“Have you been in an accident and can’t work anymore?”
Personal injury attorneys. The scum of the profession.

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The Halifax ads take some beating.Sheez.

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All of them! :-/
They come on far too often, this is why I watch very little TV, I’d much rather put on a DVD to watch, I pay my TV license to watch interesting broadcasts not to be updated on the latest innovative lady’s sanitary towel every ten minutes, these adds should be left to the magazine IMO :-/ take em all off for me………

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Alltel with Chad. Egads…..
Stop with the stupidity.

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Dancing talking lizard spokesmen commercials…

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I don’t know anymore. Because of advertisements, I gave up on TeeVee about 10 years ago. I never know what the newest movie is, or the latest detergent, or the newest car, or the local diamond sale… I never know any of that crap anymore.

Small doses are fine, but at a certain point, commercials become poison for the individual mind, and pollution to the collective mind of humanity.

If one is without a Tivo type device, one should perhaps mute the commercials, always. Don’t let that audio worm its way into the minds of the people in your household, especially the younger ones.

The situation is many times worse in America, than in England though. Because UK has less commercials, perhaps due to the TV tax. Although I have never seen Sky TV yet, so maybe things in England did get way worse.

I watch everything on the internet now, so that way there’s only 2 short commercials per show (if any).

And the ads that annoyed me the most when I used to watch them, were the new car ads. Those are the worst of all. The ads with yelling in them. makes me wanna kill someone

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Hmmm, hara kiri sausage.

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@mrentropy I agree on the The Progressive & Geiko insurance commercials. Lots of people like Flo, but I absolutely can’t STAND her with that stupid head band & that horrible red lipstick! UGH! I hit mute.

The Geiko commercial where they recite through all the Waltons going to bed. I hit mute.

The walrus man..Winford Brimley & those Liberty Mutual diabetes commercials. I hit mute.

Jenny Craig, LA Weight loss, Nutri Systems commercials, etc. Especially the one Jenny Craig commercial that starts out “oooohhhh, hot mama.” That broad has tanned so much that she looks horrible. I’m glad I DON’T look like her! I hit mute.

Those ignorant Cialis commercials where they’re sitting in the bathtubs. What’s THAT all about??

And probably 100 others that’s not coming to mind right now that I won’t watch.

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There’s a razor blade ad here that offers us disposable razor blades with an indication strip that tells you when the razor blade is due for replacement.

So that instead of just using your razor blades until they ostensibly become dull and stop shaving properly, you would let the company that sells you your razor blades tell you how often you need to buy more of their razor blades.

And some people probably fall for that, too.

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Oh my God I agree wholeheartedly, everything about the go compare advert winds me up. apparently though the irritating guy on it is a proper singer with his own website and fanbase!


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When crafting this question I thought maybe it would have been good to ask what adverts people actually LIKE !!
it would seem that the vast majority of ads on TV are offensive to any thinking adult.
Wonder how on earth things turned out like this?

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I like the Sonic commercials & the Aflac duck.

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Aflac… the duck shoud be shot.

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I did find this particular one quite funny!! :-)

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Any of them that imply that the parent “has” to provide some luxury for a kid or the kid will become angry, as if the little brat must be appeased at all costs. Also, all of them that imply that our lives are so terrible that we can’t: pick up a garbage bag without breaking it, open a bottle without a gadget, peel a vegetable but must buy them pre-peeled in bags, cope with any moment of stress without needing a pill or gadget, ....
I can’t let myself think about this.

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Any commercial that tries too hard to appeal to a very specific demographic or uses a stereotype mixed with a slight scare tactic to get you interested. The latest craze is body soap for men. If the commercial doesn’t have trucks with hemi’s and babes in bikini’s and guys sweating on the grid iron, then appearently we wont be interested. As if to say, if you don’t like these things, you’re not a man. I’m sorry, I am an educated guy who prefers tennis to football, I like hybrid cars & a woman whose IQ is larger than her bust size. And believe it or not, I too want a clean body. Where’s my commercial?

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@rpmpseudonym “Manly yes, but eye lieke eet toooo!”

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Gotta say, I used to really want to cockpunch Jared Fogle of the Subway ads.

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Ur right, that advert is shite! The one’s that wind me up the most right now are the Colgate Plax one, & the Compare the Market / Meerkat one’s.

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@Cheeseball451 Hard On, apply directly to your foreskin – Hard On.

I esp. hate the car spots where the guy always says “Now is the time to buy!” First off, you said that last month, secondly, it’s my money and I’LL tell YOU when it’s time to buy!

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I’m glad to find out I’m not the only one who talks back to commercials in his head. :P

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Almost all of the low-budget ones. I stopped watching them about 10 years ago.

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There’s this guy in Cleveland from Norton Furniture. You can find more of his ads if you google it. Really creepy guy.

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