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Why is there almost always room for dessert in a full stomach?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) March 28th, 2010 from iPhone

Moments after a wonderful meal, even though I feel respectably full or gluttonously engorged, I still have room to eat dessert.  If I’m really full from dinner, and the thought of eating one more bite of my veggies seems impossible, it feels possible to finish off a slice of chocolate cake.

Aside from the fact that I need to change my eating habits, why does it seem like there’s always room for dessert?  Is there a special compartment in the stomach for the sweet stuff?

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I’m not sure, but it’s the opposite for me. If I’m that full, I know that if I attempt to eat dessert, I will throw up. Which is why, if I’m really craving it, I have to make sure I save room.

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People “eat” with their other senses and not their stomachs.

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Because dessert is the best part. Its like your reward.

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It is a natural phenomena. But the fact is that many of us can always find room for dessert!

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Haha… I am currently popping malted milk balls seconds after finishing a large and delicious meal. I would also like to know the answer to this question. :P

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Dessert kills…just say…;-)

I could not eat dessert after a full meal either. I guess there is nothing wrong to indulge once a while, but remember to leave a little space!

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Maybe it has something to do with that desserts are usually sweet which is the opposite of meals which are savoury, and the fact you feel full is because you have had enough of savoury food to “fill” you.

As for me, I usually leave 20minutes+ between meal and dessert to “digest” a bit if thats even possible :P.

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Everyone knows we all have a separate dessert stomach.

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People like to know they can make themselves absolutely nauseous, did it myself the other night when sharing a slice of chocolate cake with other dinner guests. It was only a few bites with a small cup of coffee but enough to ruin my guts for the rest of the evening :(

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Duh! its because the dessert is always delish and always looks glamourus and delicious tooxD, that’s why we always have space to just even have a taste, I don’t think many people say no to chocolate, vanilla or something and strawberry;!* YUMMY!!!Yummie!!!****

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Perhaps we should just eat the dessert first, and then skip the main meal? Who would want to eat a steak and baked potato, or grilled salmon after chocolate cake or creme brulee?

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We evolved to prize sugar and other quick energy sources. When we were hunter-gathering, if you came across such an energy source, your body would be better off if it made room for it, even if it was full of other stuff.

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I usually won’t do dessert when I am full, but…keep caramel apple suckers in a secret stash…gotta have my lollipop. :-)

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I believe from an evolutionary standpoint that it is because humans have evolved to associate sugar with…... Ahh, @Qingu already made my point. As a hunter-gatherer, you could never be sure where and when your next opportunity to eat would arise; better to stuff yourself now then starve to death later.

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So I can blame my potbelly on evolutional forces?

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I’m full. And I’m resisting the vanilla cheesecake/chocolate chips/chocolate cupcake that I know is sitting in the fridge. How much do I want it right now, with a big glass of 100% full fat milk?

::sigh:: I also want to continue fitting into my current wardrobe, so I will resist.

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The mind is stronger than the body. If it wants cake….it GETS cake.

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I’ve always heard that it takes twenty minutes for your brain to understand that youre full… even if you were technically full before then.
So youre probably eating dessert on an already too full stomach. You should reconsider gorging yourself

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Eat your hearts out…homemade cinnamon rolls just out of the oven…

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I had nummy grilled pork chops and grilled veggies for dinner. Stuffed I was, but not too stuffed to scarf down a few brownies my partner had made for dessert!

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It’s your brain talking, not your stomach.

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There is a 2nd stomach that is controlled and exesits entirely at our brain’s will.

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